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Synonyms for wailful

vocally expressing grief or sorrow or resembling such expression

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A land where wailful winds whisper of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Custer.
R CHARLTON, Washington THE DEADLY FOE As the sound of German bombers Grows louder and louder The sirens dotted around the town Let out their loud and wailful cry of danger Then as the bombs start dropping down from the sky Lots of people are injured and lots of people die In their loud and deadly explosions All over the city and countryside Then when the last of the German bombers disappears out of sight The sirens sound out the all clear And within ten minutes you can hear The sound of the children once more Playing in and out of the ruins of what once was the local school DONALD JOHN TYE, Laburnum Avenue, Wallsend.
How low when angels fall their black descent, Our primal thunder tells: known is the pain Of music, that nigh throning wisdom went, And one false note cast wailful to the insane.
His crie did moore manie within the castell and town of Berkeley to compassion, plainelie hearing him utter a wailful noise (587).
Disease can never be conquered, can never be quelled by emotion's wailful screaming or faith's cymballic prayer.