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Synonyms for wail

Synonyms for wail

to make inarticulate sounds of grief or pain, usually accompanied by tears

to cry loudly, as a healthy child does from pain or distress


to utter or emit a long, mournful, plaintive sound

a long, mournful cry

Synonyms for wail

a cry of sorrow and grief

cry weakly or softly

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Wail said, AoI needed to practice a lot and learn new tricks.
Wail Kru' will light up the dance floor for a $5 cover.
Then a group of three or four other whales a few miles away let out a similar wail, and the two hunters swam at full speed to join the pod.
The wail could also be heard in Israel, where citizens of the war-torn and terrorized country lamented the loss of Israeli Air Force Col.
Glasgow Rangers had a decentish wail about having to visit Anzhi Makhachkala in the Uefa Cup, and I can't say I blame them.
WALEED AL SHEHRI: Aged 21 to 27, he is the brother of Wail
Israeli air raid sirens wail two other times each year, both in commemoration of Israel's fallen soldiers.
Over and over again this strange figure let out a blood-chilling, mournful wail and she frequently extended fleshless arms and clapped her hands with a hard, ``bony'' sound.
While Kiley's sobs merge into a singular wail, Niemeyer races around the Roadmaster, yanks open the driver's door and pops in a well-worn Winnie the Pooh cassette.
none so I wailed how the least heartbroken woman at a funeral wails.
A court heard Kyle Wails had gone off the rails after his family were hounded out of their home when his sister killed her fourmonth-old son.
BABY killer Danielle Wails has appeared in court after a fight with another mother, who poisoned her own child.
Danielle Wails, 22, received three years probation, after admitting killing her son.
Danielle Wails (22) received three years probation, after admitting killing her son.
And so we strip away our self-deceptions and the wails we build around ourselves.