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Synonyms for waggish

full of high-spirited fun

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witty or joking

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The Winsome Waggish Warblers proved to be a quartette of rabbit singers, two gentlemen and two lady rabbits.
He followed up this remarkable declaration, by shaking his head in a waggish manner for ten minutes, as though he were remonstrating with himself for being such a pleasant dog; and then, he took a view of his legs in profile, with much seeming pleasure and interest.
And it happened that the latter noticed him in the same instant; for she made a double eyeglass of her two hands, looked at him through it, and cried, with a waggish shake of her head: 'Aha
During this melancholy pause, the turnkey read his newspaper with a waggish look (he had evidently got among the facetious paragraphs) until, happening to take his eyes off for an instant, as if to get by dint of contemplation at the very marrow of some joke of a deeper sort than the rest, it appeared to occur to him, for the first time, that somebody was crying.
Blurring the line between car and a motorbike, this waggish tweener is the latest from the ATV Czar Polaris.
Kuusisto played Nielsen's ironically titled "chivalrous" allegro as Sancho Panza, waggish and worldly wise and relishing Nielsen's open-hearted big tune - terrific fun.
His portrayal of the stories of his fellow Kurds -- from the waggish Ako's account of the difficulty of consummating his marriage because of his family's cramped sleeping arrangements, to the devastating drowning of Shwan in a bungled people-smuggling attempt -- lays bare the sense of duty that drove the author to risk everything for the sake of reaching a country where these experiences could be written.
And, after the runaway success of last year's inaugural event - with another three to four thousand capacity expected this weekend - it would seem the waggish assertion that "nostalgia ain't what it used to be" has yet to apply here.
The programs which involves the acts of waggish, jocular, facetious, joking, droll, comical farcical, humorous and witty.
SHOW us how it works," shouted a waggish spectator to the tall, immobile sentries guarding the captured German gun outside St George's Hall, Liverpool, today.
Next, in one of the video's most waggish moments, the actors, dressed as "pixels" with fabric cubes over their heads, enact an odd choreography over a green-screened image of the target.
We'll assume there's no such waggish manipulation involved when Telegraph readers give readers give T their verdict on the Sky Blues (Jordan Willis was their best performer at Crewe on Saturday with an average mark of 5.
When I asked for a verdict on the week from the waggish James Mayor, whose Mayor Gallery in London had sold the Barnett Newman to the present vendor in 1975, his wry response was: 'It was a Colosseum.
Gideon "appealed to Cohen's waggish and subversive sense of Jewish identity," notes one scholar.
They knew it was the kind of waggish thing mechanics would do.