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Synonyms for wager

Synonyms for wager

a venture depending on chance

something risked on an uncertain outcome

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to make a bet

Synonyms for wager

the money risked on a gamble

stake on the outcome of an issue

maintain with or as if with a bet

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Section 1 1050 (Limitation on Wagering Losses) of the TCJA redefined, and somewhat clarified, the contrary points mentioned above, rewriting IRC section 165(d) to define "losses from wagering transactions" to include "any deduction otherwise allowable under this chapter incurred in carrying on any wagering transaction." The TCJA brought all expenses, including wagering losses, into one pool for recreational and professional gamblers.
"For the Oscars, we closed all the wagering when the show started and the first award was given out," he added.
All three of those casinos offered sports wagering for the full month of January, while three others went online mid-month.
The Sports Wagering and Integrity program is designed for working professionals, including practicing lawyers, gaming industry professionals, sports industry professionals, lawmakers and regulators, among others.
81 (2011), then likewise abandoned its Offutt holding, allowing a professional gambler to deduct business expenses in excess of net gambling winnings (while maintaining that direct wagering losses could still be deducted only to the extent of wagering gains under Sec.
550 may apply to the division for a permit to conduct pari-mutuel wagering.
In 2017 the American Gaming Association commissioned Oxford Economics to conduct a study on the potential for sports wagering in the United States.
Racetracks also face increasing competition for wagerers, from both internet gaming, which has driven a declining trend in the satellite wagering component of the authority's net revenues, and from regional Indian gaming casinos.
The problem with taking the wager as an argument specifically for wagering on Christianity is that doing so leaves the Pascalian vulnerable to the many-claimants objection (also known as the "many-gods" objection).
He covers irony, philosophy, and the Christian faith; Socratic immanence: Montaigne's recovery of philosophy as a way of life; the virtue of science and the science of virtue: Descartes' overcoming of Socrates; the quest for wisdom: Pascal and philosophy; and wagering on an ironic god.
How are quants with their big-time technology and seemingly unlimited funds really affecting everyone else involved in wagering on horse racing?
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 15, 2014-CG Technology inks deal with Baha Mar on wagering technology
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-December 15, 2014-CG Technology inks deal with Baha Mar on wagering technology
There was also 47 per cent growth in wagering in William Hill US from product proliferation and mobile expansion.
Their study of 1,953 greyhound races employed selective wagering where only the races with the predicted strongest competitors were wagered upon.