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Synonyms for wager

Synonyms for wager

a venture depending on chance

something risked on an uncertain outcome

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to make a bet

Synonyms for wager

the money risked on a gamble

stake on the outcome of an issue

maintain with or as if with a bet

References in classic literature ?
We will be even with your father one of these days, though he has won the wager this time
Fogg," said he, "it shall be so: I will wager the four thousand on it.
We have made a wager--a wager which could not have been foreseen, and of which I defy anyone to divine the true cause.
For once I would have taken him up upon his insulting wager.
Bed-time at last comes, to save you from doing something rash, and you spring upstairs, throw off your clothes, leaving them strewn all over the room, blow out the candle, and jump into bed as if you had backed yourself for a heavy wager to do the whole thing against time.
Some friend, who has laid a wager he would catch us; let us win the wager, and not allow him to come up with us.
And well thou knowest that no target is nigh to make good thy wager.
I'll wager anything you want that 'Ephemera' is accepted either on the first or second offering.
That nigger of yours, I'll wager, had a hand in the helping.
A MIND Reader made a wager that he would be buried alive and remain so for six months, then be dug up alive.
I am ready to wager upon myself against you if you are not afeard.
I've seen him drunk, and on a wager go into the cage of a lion that'd turned nasty, and without a stick beat him to a finish.