wage schedule

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a schedule of wages paid for different jobs

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The presence of the derivative of the wage schedule reflects the impact of intra-firm wage bargaining.
Second, due to the right to manage structure of the bargaining process, the employment schedule is derived after the wage schedule. This increases the sensitivity of employment to shocks as firms and unions act non-cooperatively and fail to recognize the dynamic consequences of shocks on employment.
Rejecting an earlier, similar schedule, Justice Schlesinger said: "The comptroller's prevailing wage schedule risks producing inconsistent and arguably absurd results."
Trainees employed under the National Training Wage Schedule spend 20 per cent of ordinary hours in approved training.
It turns out that according to this wage schedule, the wage of a coordinator is always at least as high as the wage of each of its subordinates.
The wage schedule, timing of raises, and wage balance within departments are considered.
Equation (3) can be interpreted as a bargained real wage schedule, showing how the bargained or target real wage increases as the employment rate and the importance attached to wages ([Alpha]) increases, and falls as the product market demand becomes more elastic, and as R, the degree of restraint, increases.
The contract also stipulates that no pay reductions will result from this wage schedule transition.
The two-tier wage schedule works to erode the team concept upon which firm productivity depends.
Consider, however, the radical difference involved when a two-tier wage schedule is adopted.
The MMA and Local 1212 said that this would produce an unfair wage scale and, according to Justice Schlesinger, "The comptroller's prevailing wage schedule risks producing inconsistent and, arguably, absurd results."
Increases each year will be tied to steps in the town's personnel wage schedule and any cost of living hikes.
In Figure 3, we plot the reservation wage schedule of the benchmark model for all asset levels (panel A) and for assets less than $200,000 (panel B).
However, the new wage schedule lengthened the period required for new hires to progress through the rate structure.