wage scale

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a schedule of wages paid for different jobs

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Evaluate the wage scale in use at Peoria University.
The reality is that there's a persistent and extensive gap between earnings at the low end of the wage scale and basic housing costs," says Sheila Crowley, executive director of NLIHC.
The staff, who are members of Unison, claim their wage scale is not in line with the market rate and that their salaries are falling behind those of other employees at the Royal.
While the decline has cut across industries, occupations, and income categories, it has been felt most by workers at the bottom of the wage scale," the authors say.
The five-year contract provides for a two-tier wage structure that allows employees to either remain at current wage levels or accept a lump sum payment and move to a new wage scale.
wage scale, the association said, with average individual earnings of $51,800 plus fringe benefits averaging another $17,300.
subject to review every twenty years by a citizen jury which will evaluate the corporation's wage scale, ecological practices, and general humanity toward its workers.
Skipper Nasser Hussain, Mike Atherton, Alec Stewart, Darren Gough and Andrew Caddick topped the wage scale when 12 six-month deals were handed out last week.
The company is also planning to introduce a wage scale for workers at factories in rural areas who are hired on condition they will not be relocated.
Robert Bruce is senior vice president of ServiceMaster in Downers Grove, Illinois, a company that employs thousands of workers at the low end of the wage scale, who clean hospital rooms, mop floors at schools, and empty the wastebaskets at hundreds of office buildings.
While much of the reserve officers' appeal would be lost if they were compensated on the same wage scale as full-time officers, some agencies have experimented with paying reserve officers and other volunteers on a reduced pay scale.
The book correctly points out the wage scale in a rural area can be drastically lower than in a large city.
This two-tier wage scale was the major issue in dispute.
Traditionalists support such low-wage industries as textile and furniture manufacturing and are uncomfortable with high-technology industries that could bring in outsiders and drive up the wage scale.