wage scale

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a schedule of wages paid for different jobs

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While a large stream of media and analysts' studies have been dealing with the public sector wage scale leading to paradoxical interpretations of the consequences of this atypical development, we choose, in what follows, to share our own insights of its various spillover effects, mainly at the level of public finances, the real economy, external accounts, inflation and the banking sector," the report explained.
Every dollar consumed in inflated wage scales adds up to fewer yards of ready mixed or tons of precast delivered to highway or bridge sites.
The bidder shall document that the wages and working conditions for those who contribute to the performance of the contract, not in conflict with collective agreements, wage scale or normal standard for the profession.
Banks across the country held a one-day strike earlier this month to let the government know it would not accept a proposal to fund the wage scale by adding a mere 2% tax on profits on their interest revenues.
19 as part of public sector action to pressure the government to refer a new wage scale to parliament.
Supporters of the right-to-work movement disagree, saying that freeing employers of wage scale restrictions will lead to more jobs.
Despite an existence of legislation and a wage scale system that excludes discrimination, the wage discrepancy between men and women in Cyprus' semi-governmental sector is something that needs to be addressed" Charalambous said.
The MMA and Local 1212 said that this would produce an unfair wage scale and, according to Justice Schlesinger, "The comptroller's prevailing wage schedule risks producing inconsistent and, arguably, absurd results.
The unified wage scale is built upon distribution principle and does not have incentives for professional development and good performance of workers.
105) Own wage scale response for production workers .
He identifies two major causal mechanisms for this: first, tax progression eats up wage increases on the margin, causing unions to oppose it, and second, tax progression at the lower end of the wage scale makes job competition fiercer, putting workers with slightly higher wages under pressure and also causing trade unions that represent medium-skilled workers to oppose it.
All staff now have a five-step wage scale with an additional merit step.
Under Alex McLeish, we embarked on a period of paying uncontrolled wage rates we have taken years to recover from, so much so we are now resigned to seeing our stars leave because we won't pay anything beyond our strict wage scale.
Under the living-wage proposal, the city is requiring hotels adjacent to LAX to phase in a wage scale of $9.