wage increase

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the amount a salary is increased

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The decree, however, annulled a LL200,000 wage increase awarded by Parliament in 2008, which experts say is legally disputable because a decree cannot supersede a law.
Abboud said on Monday to "Voice of Lebanon" radio that "it is possible to approve wage increase of Minister Charbel Nahhas plan but with more realistic numbers through the adoption of proposed numbers from the private sector".
Speaking in a joint press conference with Hak-Is Union Chairman Mahmut Arslan, Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik said the government pledged a salary rise of 4 percent plus 4 percent for the second half of 2011, and for 2012 a wage increase of 3 percent plus 3 percent.
Taipei, July 9, 2010 (CENS) -- Significant wage increases are inevitable for the labor-intensive technology manufacturers in China over the short-term, and the rise in labor costs will challenge cost management ability of these companies, according to a report from Fitch Ratings.
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requires GAO to report annually on the impact of the minimum wage increases in American Samoa and the CNMI.
Window cleaners yesterday ratified a four-year contract that provides wage increases, employer-paid health care and improved pension benefits.
July 24, 2007, federal minimum wage increases to $5.
Both changes come 10 years after the last minimum wage increase in New Hampshire.
An earlier report from CAP and Policy Matters Ohio determined that the wage increase passed in Ohio "will immediately give much-needed assistance to 700,000 workers.
Indeed, the Economic Policy Institute reports that while African Americans make up 11% of the nation's workforce, they make up 17% of those who would be directly affected by a minimum wage increase.
1% compounded, with an average wage increase of 10.
In negotiations which concluded late last year, staff achieved a six percent wage increase for 12 months.
The scope of the seniority-based wage increase for this year is expected to amount to an average 6,000 yen per worker at leading companies in the shipbuilding and heavy machinery industries, union sources said.
The union earlier decided to give up pushing demands for a basic monthly wage increase during this spring's labor-management wage negotiations.