wage increase

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the amount a salary is increased

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We will indeed file a petition for wage increase if there are extraordinary increases in prices of basic commodities, such as rice, fish and vegetables, and if there is excessive surge in cost of services, such as transport fare, tuition fees, electricity and water rates,' ALU-TUCP Spokesman Alan A.
The authors again found no effect of the minimum wage increase on employment after controlling for the existing employment trends.
Quoting government data, the labor leader said 6 million minimum wage earners in Metro Manila needed a significant wage increase to cope with the sharp rise in the cost of living.
A central banker in the Netherlands has called for a wage increase in order to encourage the economy.
The private sector was hit hardest, with annual wage increases coming in at just 1.
Not all employees are able to bargain with their employer for a wage increase, which is why the Annual Wage Review is so important, she said.
In a seminal paper, Card and Krueger (1994) study New Jersey's 1992 minimum wage increase by comparing employment in that state with employment in neighboring Pennsylvania.
Workers around the world are expected see real wage increases of 2.
Summary: Economic expert Mourad Hattab reviewed during in an interview with African Manager different topics including stalled negotiations on wage increases in the public and private sector and the statements of
One employee who has benefitted from the wage increase is Karen Matthis, a full-time residence life employee.
Carreon said while the labor group will stand on its petition for a P90 daily wage increase, they are ready to hold discussions with the management sector for an increase that will not be less than P25.
Yet Republican leaders in Congress argue that a wage increase would undermine the economic recovery, and House Speaker John Boehner has said he has no intention of bringing a minimum-wage increase to a vote in the GOP-controlled House.
Summary: Dozens of lawsuits have been filed at Lebanese courts amid an ongoing dispute between owners and tenants over rent hikes tied by law to a wage increase passed last year.
3% (+5% in 1H and + +5% in 2H) annual wage increase for both 2013 and 2014.
Abboud stressed necessity to discuss numbers of wage increase which is the basic problem, hoping that President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister Najib Mikati would pave the way for discussing this file before voting on it.