wage hike

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the amount a salary is increased

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The tuition controversy has been frequently cited by opponents of the wage hike.
Habito, however, warned that a sudden wage hike at this point may actually be more detrimental for workers since it may trigger a 'wage hike spiral.
This is because of the minimum wage hike, and increases in rent and ingredient prices.
The Minister also noted that wage hikes were not causing structural problems and interest rates were still favourable for investment growth.
Those in Davao and in the Central Visayas regions will also be getting an early Christmas gift once their respective new wage hikes take effect this week.
We are counting on your wisdom to request of the government to speedily implement the wage hike law #46, which is separate from the tax law, and to later to search for taxes that do not affect people with limited income," Asamr said during a sit-in at the GLC headquarters under the motto of "no to corruption".
During the recent wage hike petition consultations, the [National Economic and Development Authority] said the amount needed by a family of five to survive [for] one month is P9,064 for the year 2015.
BEIRUT: Minister of State for Combating Corruption Nicolas Tueni Wednesday warned merchants against raising the price of consumer goods following Parliament's wage hike approval.
Since the minimum wage hike will bring an extra burden of nearly TL 1,000 per employee for businesses, company owners and employer unions have recently called on policymakers to reconsider the minimum wage hike widely anticipated by millions of earners.
PUBLIC sector bank ( PSB) employee unions withdrew their call for a four- day nationwide strike as the management agreed to give them 15- per cent wage hike, which will entail an additional expenditure of ` 4,725 crore annually.
Yordan Hristoskov, Bulgaria's caretaker Minister of Labor and Social Policy, has suggested that a minimum wage hike from BGN 340 to BGN 400 will not harm the business sector.
Pushing for a wage hike is an election-year tactic that's borne fruit in the past for Democrats.
Balog did not say how much the wage hike would cost the state budget this year.
Two senior members of the Nashik plant workers union are on a hunger strike since May 1, seeking a wage hike.
7%, but we guessed the numbers were negatively impacted by the fact that the usual minimum wage hike was postponed to February from the usual January.