wage hike

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the amount a salary is increased

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Summary: Signs of a breakthrough emerged Tuesday regarding the problematic issue of the public sector finances after Finance Minister Ali Hasan Khalil held five-hour marathon talks on the wage hike with Lebanese Forces MP George Adwan, a parliamentary source said.
BEIRUT: Education Minister Elias Bou Sb said Monday that he supported teachers' decision not to correct official school exams if Parliament fails once again to pass a wage hike for the public sector.
BEIRUT: A coalition of Lebanese labor unions Thursday called for an Independence Day march to demand workers rights and urge lawmakers to pass a wage hike bill that has been stuck in limbo for years.
Since the minimum wage hike will bring an extra burden of nearly TL 1,000 per employee for businesses, company owners and employer unions have recently called on policymakers to reconsider the minimum wage hike widely anticipated by millions of earners.
At a meeting in Mumbai, PSB employee unions and IBA agreed on the wage hike and entered into a memorandum of understanding.
Bulgaria's caretaker Labor Minister rejected claims of employers that a minimum wage hike would boost unemployment, stressing that the minimum wage had nearly doubled in the past few years, while the unemployment rate had remained normal.
Rival politicians struggled Monday to clinch a deal over the wage hike bill, in a last-ditch attempt to avert a looming showdown over official exams between the education minister and unions representing civil servants and teachers ahead of a crucial Parliament session Tuesday.
The results are similar if supporters are told the wage hike would make it difficult for young minority teens to find work.
7 percent of gross domestic product, below the 3 percent EU ceiling, and Nyeste said the teachers' wage hike should not threaten this target because the government has passed new revenue-boosting measures.
The announcement of a wage hike was made on Thursday, less than a fortnight after Murthy took charge of the group after a nearly two year long hiatus.
The wage hike is expected to benefit 980,000 laborers, while boosting the cost of enterprises by NT$5 billion, especially in the fields of accommodations and dining businesses.
In fact, according to the Spanish news agency EFE, one Chavez's key allies, the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV), had requested at least a 40 percent wage hike.
Toyota unions may forgo regular wage hike next year
COLOMBO -- Sri Lankan regional plantations companies (RPCs) and labor unions held another round of talks on a wage hike to resolve differences that have disrupted production and transport of tea, officials said.