wage freeze

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a freeze of wages at a given level

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After Thursday's talks adjourned without a deal, VW's chief negotiator, JosefFidelis Senn, said the company had 'negotiated hard' for a two-year wage freeze.
A spokesperson for Qantas indicated that the Australian International Pilots Association (long haul division) has also agreed in principle to a 13-month wage freeze. Qantas has now achieved in-principle approval from about 10 out of 12 unions representing its work force for which an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement was due.
How will Kazamias persuade them to accept the two-year wage freeze, when only two months ago they rejected his proposed two-year suspension of CoLA, and he backed down immediately, reducing it to six months?
The Australian Workers Union (AWU), which represents the workers, said that it had been engaged in two days of talks at the Industrial Relations Commission to try and reach an agreement on a pay rise for maintenance workers, but that negotiations broke down because Qantas insists on implementing an 18-month wage freeze, The Associated Press reported.
From Monday, union bosses have been defiantly stating that they would never accept a wage freeze and that they would take 'dynamic measures' in protest against the government plans.
The plan suggested by the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) proposes a wage freeze at the carrier until April 2003 and a reduction in overtime pay from double-time to time-and-three-quarters.
The average state workers' take home pay rose by just 1% in the three months to April, with many others enduring a wage freeze.
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development said that its research had found public sector employees were more pessimistic about pay, with about half of them predicting they would have a wage freeze.
One in 10 will lose their jobs inside four years and a two-year wage freeze is imminent for those who stay on.
THE PROSPECT of a wage freeze in the public service yesterday provoked a wave of reactions by trade unionists.
The AMWU and AWU have rejected the airline's proposal for a 12-18 month wage freeze and an incentive payment for all staff, whereas all other unions, which represent 91% of the airline's total work force, have approved the proposal in principle, Qantas said.
THE storm of criticism over the Employers and Industrialists Federation's (OEV) proposal for a two-year wage freeze was "unnecessary fuss" caused by a "misunderstanding", OEV President Andreas Pittas said yesterday.
Maintenance unions in Australia continued talks with Qantas Airways on 1 November over plans to implement a wage freeze for 18 months.
CYNIKA president Andreas Pierides said the proposal included a wage increase of six per cent, which is aimed at making up salary cuts staff endured since 2004 when a restructuring plan by the company instituted a wage freeze.
Qantas, an Australian carrier, has unveiled a plan to introduce an 18-month wage freeze in return for its employees accepting a sliding-scale profit share scheme.