wage freeze

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a freeze of wages at a given level

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The company, whose flagship Volkswagen brand has plunged into the red this year, demands the 103,000 workers at its six western German plants accept a two-year wage freeze and make concessions that will boost competitiveness.
A spokesperson for Qantas indicated that the Australian International Pilots Association (long haul division) has also agreed in principle to a 13-month wage freeze.
5 per cent annual levy for the two years the wage freeze would be in place.
The STUC say thousands of lower paid public sector workers face a pounds 1000 loss, in real terms, this year as a result of the Nats' wage freeze.
A wage freeze is the least of the public sector's problems.
Qantas Airways maintenance workers staged strike action on Thursday (29 November) over a wage freeze being proposed by the Australian carrier.
Garcetti noted that all three have been working ``out of class'' having been promoted previously but not enjoying any increases because of a county wage freeze.
But coalition ministers have decided that hitting NHS staff with a two-year wage freeze is not enough.
One in 10 will lose their jobs inside four years and a two-year wage freeze is imminent for those who stay on.
But the pressure to keep a lid on public sector pay will be stronger, with many workers facing a wage freeze, said Stuart Hyland of the Hay Group.
THERE WAS no way bosses of unions representing the privileged public sector workers would have ignored Finance Minister, Charilaos Stavrakis' suggestion of a wage freeze.
The plan suggested by the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) proposes a wage freeze at the carrier until April 2003 and a reduction in overtime pay from double-time to time-and-three-quarters.
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development said that its research had found public sector employees were more pessimistic about pay, with about half of them predicting they would have a wage freeze.
STAFF at IT giant Fujitsu are fuming after boss Roger Gilbert's salary doubled in a wage freeze.
THE storm of criticism over the Employers and Industrialists Federation's (OEV) proposal for a two-year wage freeze was "unnecessary fuss" caused by a "misunderstanding", OEV President Andreas Pittas said yesterday.