wage floor

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floor below which wages are not allowed to fall

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Government wage controls of any kind, whether a wage floor, ceiling, or freeze throw a wrench into labor markets and reduce the efficiency of the economy.
The wage floor will increase more slowly in the rest of the state.
But implementing the new wage floor will be challenging, particularly in cities like Sheffield where wages tend to be lower.
Pay rises don't come for free and the expected rise will take the wage floor into uncharted territory.
The Obama Administration supports a bill that will gradually lift the wage floor to $12 per hour by 2020 and update it every year so that its value holds even as the cost of living rises.
Health insurance provider Aetna has announced it will set a wage floor this year of $16 an hour, raising the pay of many employees by one-third.
19 meeting of the Senate Finance Committee, Kyle Hannah, the chief financial officer of a company that employs about 85 personal attendants, said the current wage floor was too low to be competitive.
Though similar to other bills to raise the wage floor, the legislation contained a provision that incorrectly defined independent franchise small businesses as "large employers," thereby qualifying them for an accelerated implementation of the higher wage.
Washington currendy has the nation's highest state wage floor at $9.
The nation's fast-food restaurants, which employ many of the country's low-wage workers, are at the center of the debate over low pay and raising the federal minimum wage -- fueled by protests demanding that fast-food chains establish a $15 wage floor.
Labor market conflicts can determine a wage floor to impact employment positively.
Department of Labor's own assessment of the first 25-cent minimum wage in 1938 found that it resulted in job losses for 30,000 to 50,000 workers, or 10 to 13 percent of the 300,000 covered workers who previously earned below the new wage floor.
When a wage floor above the market wage is instituted, firms will want to hire fewer workers.
calculates its credit for the 2014 tax year using the inflation-adjusted wage floor of $25,400 and the maximum credit percentage of 50%.
Mandel insists that women's high rates of participation coincide with a relatively high wage floor and publicly subsidized care services.