wage floor

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floor below which wages are not allowed to fall

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This section investigates whether contract length-wage simultaneity, the "luxury tax," the wage floor, unaccounted contract incentives, or the potential for measurement error in [??] may instead be responsible for the results discussed above.
Government wage controls of any kind, whether a wage floor, ceiling, or freeze throw a wrench into labor markets and reduce the efficiency of the economy.
It does not at all establish anything, let alone a 'wage floor. 'Rather, it states that it shall be illegal for an employer to pay, and employee to receive ...
The new wage floor has contributed to a significant closing of the gender pay gap and a welcome fall in pay inequality."
Those against increases point to the possibility that (http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2016/02/19/seattles-15-minimum-wage-jobs-down-unemployment-up-this-isnt-working-is-it/#4d6aa5be3712) the extra expense will cause employers to lay off workers , and that a hike (https://www.epionline.org/minimum-wage/minimum-wage-teen-unemployment/) would predominantly affect young people already supported by their families, who aren't in need of higher pay and would face layoffs under a wage floor.
He also pushed aggressively for an increase in the state minimum wage, or the authority from the state to set a higher wage floor in New York City.
She added, however, "When you raise the wage floor it has an effect all the way up the ladder.
"Stronger measures are needed to tackle this including specific sector support and examining the role of contractors in increasing the wage floor."
The Foundation added that, despite the name, the Government's new legal wage floor was not a "living wage", and there remained plenty of scope to expand the reach of the voluntary living wage, which is currently set at PS8.25 in the UK, and PS9.40 in London.
"While our analysis suggests the pay rise should be affordable for most firms, implementing the new wage floor will be challenging for some employers.
It would also be necessary to determine whether any additional raises would be needed for city employees who currently earn $15 an hour or slightly more - the new wage floor would probably flatten pay differentials created to acknowledge differences in seniority or responsibility.
"Pay rises don't come for free and the expected rise will take the wage floor into uncharted territory.
The Obama Administration supports a bill that will gradually lift the wage floor to $12 per hour by 2020 and update it every year so that its value holds even as the cost of living rises.
Health insurance provider Aetna has announced it will set a wage floor this year of $16 an hour, raising the pay of many employees by one-third.
19 meeting of the Senate Finance Committee, Kyle Hannah, the chief financial officer of a company that employs about 85 personal attendants, said the current wage floor was too low to be competitive.