wage earner

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someone who earn wages in return for their labor

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There is just too much money in this slush fund for Congress to change the system truly and fully benefit the wage earners whose tax money makes it all possible.
Career counseling offers a variety of specific services to students selecting colleges or trade schools, to family wage earners who are dislocated due to structural unemployment, and to older adults seeking temporary or part-time work as a post retirement activity.
Meanwhile, a household with one wage earner making $80,000 paid just $4,681 - $61,200@7.
This population usually consists of second wage earners in the family who are working for the "extras" in lifestyle (Felsen, 1990).
All this takes more skill and time than most low wage earners have.
FOR PRIMARY WAGE EARNERS who have lost their jobs, private real estate investment, development and management firm New Boston Fund Inc.
The newly released printable version, based on the CDA's popular online PDQ calculator, spotlights one of the biggest risks to financial security: the chance that a serious illness or injury may prevent a wage earner from earning an income for an extended period of time.
This kind of informality must be addressed with other policies than those designed for wage earner informality.
I WOULD like to take the opportunity to thank the Conservative councillor for highlighting the ``average- wage earner `` in his comments on Local Income Tax ( Jan20).
A minimum wage earner today needs to work a full day to buy a kilogram of meat, which costs about TL 25.
For instance, Yap said a minimum wage earner in Metro Manila would earn about P150,072.
It is indeed difficult to be a wage earner in this part of the world.
Cheers to Roxas, the unmarried minimum wage earner has been exempt from that.
The primary wage earner must have a minimum credit score of 550, and the co-borrower must earn 30 percent of the household income.
2% of $5,000--the higher wage earner would save only 1.