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Synonyms for waft



Synonyms for waft

be driven or carried along, as by the air

blow gently

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The fourth of her underwater films, LuoYong's Dream features the Buddha-faced Chinese actor LuoYong Wang, who, in wafting crimson robes, wheels a bicycle and handles smooth stones, playing out submerged images from his dreams.
I could smell the pesticides wafting in," Elkins says.
The pungent scent of Britain's rich and famous people will be wafting through art galleries in the future - thanks to pioneering work by a former Warwick University smell expert.
That's almost two-thirds of the amount now wafting around Earth's atmosphere as carbon dioxide, methane, and other planet-warming gases, he notes.
This remarkable plant flowers in the afternoon and early evening, wafting a mild fragrance while attracting pollinating hummingbirds and moths.
Arrested or slowed-down motion was a recurring theme: women in negligees rearranging themselves into alluring poses; a gangster-style shootout in which arching bodies sailed through the air like autumn leaves; a wafting trio of handholding men at the center of an intense game of musical chairs.
The workplace welter of electronics gobbles watts, the office copier fairly inhales paper, and the air is tainted with the toxic perfume wafting from furniture, carpeting and rubber cement.
Another model suggests that iron-rich dust wafting across the ocean from the Sahara triggers red tides.
THERE was enough hot air wafting out of the John Ferraro Council Chambers to warm up the chilly halls of Los Angeles City Hall on Tuesday.
Instead, Shobana's wafting arms and eloquent fingers twined softly, seizing the attention, as did her darting smiles.
Nor was it from surface contamination or DNA wafting around the lab.
Deep in thought, Bailey absent-mindedly chewed the end of his conducting baton and often closed his eyes to focus on the sounds wafting through the band room.
Scientists are viewing a photograph of an immense plume of snow wafting from Mount Everest to learn how winds redistribute precipitation in the Himalayas and other mountain chains.
With the smell of roasting meat wafting through the air and notes of Greek music echoing through the crowd, thousands gathered Saturday for the opening of the Valley Greek Festival.
The naive images of nature in the 1969 Black Lake are typical, enhanced by the imaginative costumes and props of longtime collaborator Ralph Dorazio: "sun setting night people" (Duke in a scarlet felt tunic); "first star" (Mariko Tanabe with an origami star wired above her head); "night birds" (Howard and Othello Johns with paper wings draped on their arms); "moon with clouds" (a cardboard cutout, carried by Tanabe, with Joy McEwen and Jennifer Lovell wafting tissue-paper squares).