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someone who speaks or writes in a vague and evasive manner

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You need to give more detail and be more concise--no waffling, which is hard when you're a bit of a waffler by nature.
That was 16 points less than immigration compromiser John McCain, six less than amnesty waffler Mike Huckabee, and even one point less than "sanctuary city" mayor Rudy Giuliani.
Even though he was a bit of a waffler, he was great fun.
The well-spoken waffler gave Stoke the lead on 26 minutes, finishing off a Ray Evans cross from close range, then pounced with three minutes left to polish off a superb Paul Johnson pass.
We'd rather have a waffler who tells us what we want to hear.
his change of position on voting for additional money for the war), for many, Kerry and waffler became synonymous.
As much as I think of him as a waffler, Simon Peter is also real.
Beyond successfully depicting Senator Kerry as a waffler whose
The former England boss is not a spinner of sugary lines, a yes man or a waffler - it's just that he's been around when things have looked an awful lot better.
Very charismatic and approachable but has been accused of lacking direction and being a waffler u famously responding to being asked if he wanted to lead the Assembly: oDoes a one-legged duck swim in circles?
Who cares what a first-class waffler of a clapped-out Labour talking shop thinks?
Now here's one which is broken on a weekly basis by the sort of waffler who feels every second of silence deprives the audience of another pearl of wisdom.
A waffler of note, "he rowed to his object with muffled oars," according to John Randolph.
Its author is a gifted Belgian waffler, creatively uncomfortable in two nationalities.
It was a stirring vision of interplanetary danger in which America's youthful president, a slick neo-lib waffler married to an intimidating warrior-woman, reversed his fallen approval ratings by taking a firm stand against the aliens: "Let's nuke the bastards