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Synonyms for waffle

Synonyms for waffle

to use evasive or deliberately vague language

Synonyms for waffle

pancake batter baked in a waffle iron

Related Words

pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness

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Today, waffle irons are usually sold as an afterthought, in a set containing a sandwich maker and a panini grill.
Place two waffles in the oven for about four minutes, or until crispy on the outside.
Varda Burstyn has written about the hard work that went on at the riding level and in the trade unions as well as in party conventions on women's issues, recalling that Waffle women not only fought to get their resolutions adopted but "demanded that [they] be highlighted in election campaigns, in the literature and speeches of candidates, that NDP members and politicians raise them in the context of extra-parliamentary solidarity actions [and] that they call press conferences when abortion rights or daycare issues were being contested in the public arena." Such pressure met with a great deal of resistance in the party, and led to an atmosphere of painful and confrontational soul-searching as the NDP was forced to face up to the oppression of women within its own ranks.
This trend positions pizzelle and waffle makers as small electrics ready for big sales.
The launch of Dairy Queen's waffle bowls and cones will be supported by national television advertising beginning in May, which chronicles the story of "Waffles" and "Soft Serve," the spokes-characters representing the new "designer treats." According to Dairy Queen, "The comedic spots follow the lighthearted relationship between Waffles and Soft Serve and how they are "made for each other." Dairy Queen also reports it will bring Waffles and Soft Serve to life with personal appearances throughout the country.
About 18 months ago, The Malted Waffle Company joined UK Trade & Investment's Passport initiative - a flagship scheme that gives new exporters the training, planning and ongoing support they need to succeed overseas.
After finding probable cause that discrimination occurred, the EEOC filed a lawsuit against Waffle House seeking injunctive relief to stop its past and present unlawful employment practices, as well as relief for employees, such as back pay, reinstatement and compensatory and punitive damages.
Eric Baker applied for a job as a grill operator in a Waffle House restaurant.
According to the CPSC, the waffle irons were deemed improperly wired, presenting fire, shock and electrocution hazards to consumers.
Wafflemakerbay.com is a one stop shop and blog for everything waffle related.
INGREDIENTS SERVES 4-6 For the waffles: 225g plain flour; 2 tsp baking powder; 1 tsp salt; 2 eggs; 450ml semi-skimmed milk; 16-18 mixed Isle of Wight cherry tomatoes; 1 tbsp olive oil; salt and pepper; 50g mature cheddar, grated For the topping: 150g mixed Isle of Wight cherry tomatoes; 2 avocado ; 4 eggs ; salt and pepper DIRECTIONS To make the waffle batter, combine the flour, baking powder and salt in a medium-sized bowl.
Before his appearanceMr Hancock was filmed eating a caramel waffle which weighs in at more than 300 calories and contains half the recommended daily fat allowance for a man.
Kentucky Kernel has announced the introduction of the new Southern-Style Malted Waffle Mix - featuring its own deliciously crispy and slightly sweet "secret southern waffle recipe." Malted waffles have long been a tradition in local diners and soul food restaurants, and now fans of Kentucky Kernel's popular line of mixes can enjoy this special version of this breakfast favorite right at home, made with premium flour and real malted milk.