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Synonyms for waffle

Synonyms for waffle

to use evasive or deliberately vague language

Synonyms for waffle

pancake batter baked in a waffle iron

Related Words

pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness

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The bubble waffle concept has now been picked up across the world but creator Kenneth Cheung believes his are the best as he uses an age-old, traditional recipe created by his late grandfather.
amp;nbsp;"Yeah guess old Waffle House just gonna have to take the L on that one (sic)," Bowen said.
Combining an auto racing icon with delicious waffles is adding up to support for the nation's most catastrophically injured veterans.
The Waffle Tour will get an early start with stops at Cinco Ranch Junior High and Cinco Ranch High School, where teachers and support staff will be served free waffles.
This summer Creams is collaborating with Thorpe Park and together they have created three limited edition Bubble Pop Waffles inspired by three of the popular theme park's rides; Stealth, Collosus and Tidalwave.
IRISH people Down Under are panic buying potato waffles after Birds Eye announced it is to pull the product from Australia and New Zealand.
Now you can really get your entire family off to a great start, in minutes, with these amazing-tasting waffles, which offer both convenience and nutrition.
About five months later, Waffle Love started consistently hitting the 100 waffles mark.
You can use any waffle recipe here, as long as it's unsweetened.
Cuisinart Multifunction grill with sandwich and waffle maker
If you are making fried chicken and waffle appetizers, be sure to use a recipe that will hold up and not get soggy on a platter.
Waffle has had a go at flyball and came second at a fun dog show for the fastest non-competitive flyball run of the day.
HOLSTEIN HAS EXPANDED ITS FUN LINE of small electrics with the new Waffle Stick Maker.
Raspberry waffles You'll need a waffle pan or waffle iron to make this yummy dessert - served with fresh raspberries and refreshing sorbet to keep it low in ProPoints PROPOINTS(r) VALUE: 6 SERVINGS: 4 PREPARATION TIME: 10 min COOKING TIME: 10 min LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: Easy Ingredients | 125g (4.
This electric waffle iron will be able to cook a Belgian waffle and an omelet simultaneously, so that hungry stomachs need not wait too long to gobble down either.