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a small adhesive disk of paste

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a small thin crisp cake or cookie

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thin disk of unleavened bread used in a religious service (especially in the celebration of the Eucharist)

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Who has not had their letters, with the wafers wet, and the announcement that a person is waiting in the hall?
Bob Sawyer pushed the postboy on one side, jerked his friend into the vehicle, slammed the door, put up the steps, wafered the bill on the street door, locked it, put the key in his pocket, jumped into the dickey, gave the word for starting, and did the whole with such extraordinary precipitation, that before Mr.
In five minutes they returned, the little ones bearing plates of thin caraway wafers,--hearts, diamonds, and circles daintily sugared, and flecked with caraway seed raised in the garden behind the house.
Here is an inkstand, here are pens and paper, here are wafers. What do you want?
The last fold displayed a strip of blank parchment with little wafers stuck on it at certain places.
"You and Fosco are to sign afterwards, Miss Halcombe, opposite those two wafers. Come here, Fosco!
On the same day when Captain Wragge completed the last entry in his Chronicle of Events, a woman appeared at the window of one of the houses in Vauxhall Walk, and removed from the glass a printed paper which had been wafered to it announcing that Apartments were to be let.
You have a much finer point to create these images on the wafer," Brookwood said.
IC Insights ascribed Taiwan's success in snatching up the No.1 title to considerable installations of 300mm wafer fabs at chipmakers, which together filled 25 percent of world demand for fabrication capacity last year.
P-type: This wafer type accounts for roughly 85% of today's silicon solar cells and is a structure where the bulk of the silicon is boron-doped, with a thin flash of phosphorus on the top.
International Resource News-July 13, 2011--ReneSola Ltd starts export of Virtus wafers and modules in June(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
The diffusion furnace team ultimately identified excessive fan vibrations in wafer storage locations closest to the fans that caused wafers in these areas to “walk,” resulting in wafer handling problems and higher defects.
While the company's String Ribbon wafer technology has some benefits, the company has an uphill fight, according to one analyst.
* Flattening (lapping or grinding), to achieve a high degree of parallelism and flatness of the wafer;
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-December 22, 2010--Norwegian REC signs deal to supply wafers for NOK1.2bn(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com