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a shallow pool for children

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While this doesn't suggest that families shouldn't use inflatable or wading pools, he added that parents "need to put some thought into the safety issues when they go to the store, pick one of these up, and put them up in their backyard."
Pool waters were tested for compliance per state regulations for water quality; 94.5% of the pool water samples were bacteriologically compliant and 88% were compliant with free chlorine residuals for pools as stated in Wisconsin Administrative Code (1 part per million [ppm] for activity and plunge pools, 2 ppm for wading pools) (Wisconsin Administrative Code, 2002).
The standard is currently titled APSP-7 200X Suction Entrapment Avoidance in Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Catch Basins.
The structure culminates with a two-story elevated platform that affords the visitor a bird's-eye view of Oiticica's Eden, 1966-69/2005: From this perspective, the rich sensorial experience of the installation's brightly colored wading pools, plastic tents, cabins, and straw nests appears to resolve into an orchestrated plan of abstract geometric forms.
As a result, their input was incorporated in the design of the family and wading pools.
Wilkerson predicted that an increasing number of high schools, colleges, and competitive leagues will place rubber or plastic wading pools filled with cool water in a shady area off to the side of playing fields for immediate use if needed.
The highest percentage (18.4%) of violations occurred in child wading pools, medical/therapy pools (14.3%), and hotel/motel pools (14.0%).
One of the areas these guidelines address is swimming pools, wading pools, and spas.
* Empty birdbaths weekly and empty water from children's wading pools to keep mosquitoes from breeding.
Managers of public swimming pools have also been ordered to close down toddlers' wading pools and parents have been advised to keep their children away from crowded places.
Because SoftSide is designed specifically for the pool environment, it can be used on pool decks, beneath play apparatus, in wading pools, and under diving boards.
Jaroslow's vital structural design and the complexity of the dancing sustained the playfulness of their interactions in and around eight plastic wading pools. Tossing their drenched hair to cast glistening arcs of water, slipping seductively into the pools, and partnering each other in and out of them, the dancers conveyed both the sensuality and the sustaining quality of water.
In a few cases, children who were sitting on improperly covered drains in wading pools have been disemboweled.
* Never leave them alone in bathtubs, spas, or wading pools, or near nearly filled buckets, toilets, irrigation ditches, or other standing water.
The first part covers the following topics on preventing illness in children: how infections spread; handwashing; separation into age groups; nappy changing and toileting; cleaning toys, clothing, and the center; food safety; animals; dealing with spills of blood and other fluids; children's wading pools; immunization; watching for and recording infections in children; exclusion of sick children and staff; occupational risks for child care workers; and the role of public health workers.