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a shallow pool for children

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The city also will remove the playground's decommissioned wading pool, which was built around 1960, Steffen said.
The Greenwood Park wading pool became a regular pool in the 1970s, but lack of maintenance and low budgets led the city to close it and seven others several years ago.
Family oriented services and facilities include a 25-metre outdoor swimming pool, children's wading pool and sundeck, tennis court, squash court, 24-hour gymnasium, aerobics room and Fraser Kid's Club, according to the statement.
Cast in bronze and finished to a warm, dark patina, the Katagami wading pool lavatory highlights the movement of water.
One sample from a wading pool deck contained 18,420 CFUs/100 mL.
Another model wore what appeared to be a silver child's inflatable wading pool around her head.
Common amenities include a swimming pool and wading pool and central courtyard.
The viewing building is indoors and adjacent to the bear enclosure, but the wading pool is outside, where one can "swim" with the polar bears if so desired.
In addition to its surf park, Royal Caribbean is introducing the "H20 Zone," a family wading pool with spray cannons, jets, gushers and colorful sculptures that spray water.
The first, our grandaughter's wading pool, placed under the gutter downspout caught 300 gallons of clean rainwater to keep "Mr.
The winning "Canopy" project is constructed primarily of freshly cut green bamboo and features spaces for lounging and relaxation, including a wading pool and a sandy area for sunbathers.
Whole-body cooling via immediate immersion in a wading pool is the best way to prevent suspected exertional heat stroke for recreational and professional athletes engaged in physical activity, especially in hot, humid weather.
All too often these days, chemical and biological decontamination is conducted with a child's wading pool and a garden hose, said Jeremy Knopow, general manager of Kohler Mobile Plumbing Systems, of Kohler, Wis.
An old wading pool can make a great container for a salad garden.
I have dealt with a similar issue; I used a small inflatable children's wading pool in my living room.