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a shallow pool for children

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It also offers your own relaxation pod with its beautiful landscapes and high-end amenities such as the 20 meter lap pool, a wading pool, Jacuzzi, a sunbathing deck to get that tan on, a tennis court, a fitness gym and a clubhouse.
The city also will remove the playground's decommissioned wading pool, which was built around 1960, Steffen said.
As a result, their input was incorporated in the design of the family and wading pools.
You will need a large bowl or tub (or your wading pool), or an old aquarium filled with water.
Beginning on June 15, telephone interviews were conducted using a questionnaire that included information about demographics, illness history, participation in group gatherings, water activities, and use of the park or wading pool. III persons were asked to identify others who were at the park or had similar symptoms.
Bacteria in a grit-bottomed wading pool in Canada was responsible for an outbreak of painful rashes that appeared on the bottoms of children's feet, according to an article that appeared in last month's New England Journal of Medicine.
Watching the puddle, Nina thought of her purple wading pool with blue fishes on the side.
On June 16, 1991, a 3-year-old girl playing in a public wading pool sat on thepool's uncapped suction drain.
"Another great day in Eugene," Piercy told the hundreds who came to Thursday's grand opening of the spray park, which replaced a decades-old wading pool that was one of five remaining in city parks when all were decommissioned at the end of the summer of 2009 because of new state health regulations.
Common amenities include a gated pool, wading pool, fitness center, billiards, clubhouse, on-site leasing office, and two laundry rooms.
Five days later, inspectors shut down a wading pool at another facility because there was no chlorine in the water.
Bock features a wading pool, diving area and a 9-foot climbing wall.
The event features music by Apropos; a tour of a home being remodeled; watermelon; and games, face painting and the park's wading pool. Neighbors are asked to bring desserts to share and CDs and books to exchange with others.
Amenities include a swimming pool, wading pool, playgrounds, basketball court, and laundry facilities.