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a person who is regarded as eccentric or mad

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Olaf: Well, at our Washington session in September we heard from some wacko speaker about "Adding Value at the Center.
The Fugitive", which stars Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones is the box-office hit and Best picture Oscar(R)-nominated motion picture based on the long-running TV series about a surgeon falsely accused of killing his wife; "Blazing Saddles" stars Cleavon Little as an unlikely sheriff in the town of Rock Ridge, Harvey Korman as the villain, Madeline Kahn as a Marlene Dietrich-style chanteuse, Gene Wilder as the wacko Waco Kid and Brooks himself as a not-too-sharp politico.
WACKO the parrot has been taught to stop swearing after shocking visitors with a stream of abuse.
Who) linking the sketches in each episode, the surreal goings-on at Kelsey Grammar School, and the wacko mannerisms of barmy Scottish hotelier Ray McCooney.
Preserve the Sanctity of my right wing Wacko support
In the film, Joe complained that his son has been dubbed Wacko Jacko in Britain.
A life-size image of Wacko Jacko - dressed in a red military-style jacket and black pants donated by the star - went on show at the Grevin Museum of Wax in Paris.
And I am not one of those paranoids who revile Perot as a wacko, a Peronist, a fascist, a poujadiste, or any of the other nasty epithets that were pinned on the poor guy throughout his quixotic campaign.
Midway, Midway Arcade Treasures, Joust, Mortal Kombat, Spy Hunter, Rampage, Rampage World Tour, Sinistar, Total Carnage, Defender, NARC, Arch Rivals, Timber, Wizards of War, Kozmik Krooz'r, Wacko and Xenophobe are trademarks of Midway Amusement Games, LLC.
In a nutshell: Mexican kidnapping comedy of errors starts out pleasingly, cheesily wacko but succumbs to slack plotting and pacing.
He never met Wacko, he got stiffed by the loathesome Uri Geller and paid thousands (of BBC licence payers' cash) to Mr Joe Jackson, father of the suspected paedophile.
WACKO Jacko looked like he needed cheering up as he gave evidence in his long-running court case in California.
Wacko Jackson has wormed his way sickeningly into the family's affection.
The pillow case was used during Wacko Jacko's tour of India.