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the capital and largest city of Poland

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That case only considered the context of zeroing as applied in comparisons of weighted averages of transactions with other weighted averages of transactions (WA-WA), and did not opine with respect to the permissibility of zeroing in the context of other types of comparisons.
(147) In the context of the zeroing cases, the findings with respect to the WA-WA methodology provide a useful example.
This dispute involved challenges to the use of zeroing in the WA-WA context (what the EC refers to as "model zeroing") and to the use of zeroing in the WA-T context (which the EC refers to as "simple zeroing").
This panel was the first to address zeroing outside of the WA-WA context.
The panel had found two to one, and the Appellate Body had affirmed, that zeroing was not permitted in the WA-WA context.
Canada argued that the Appellate Body's logic in finding zeroing impermissible in the WA-WA context dictated a similar finding for zeroing in the T-T context.
The panel emphasized that the Appellate Body had limited its consideration to the WA-WA context, and that the Appellate Body's reasoning, while logical in the WA-WA context, did not marry well with the portion of Article 2.4.2 directed at T-T comparisons.