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inflammation of the vulva and the vagina

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In literature, cases of the massive vulvar edema have been described associated with multiple pregnancy, diabetes, hypoproteinemia, preeclampsia, tocolytic therapy, vulvovaginitis, and severe anemia [1-4].
In general, it is considered that colonization is the first step towards vulvovaginitis whenever the patient has a predisposing factor, however the change from colonization to vaginitis is not well understood [4].
Costa Silva et al., "Prevalence and Risk Factors for Bacterial Vaginosis and Other Vulvovaginitis in a population of Sexually Active Adolescents from Salvador," in Infectious Disease of Obstetrics Gynecology, p.
When causes including urinary tract infections, vulvovaginitis, and diaper dermatitis cause pruritus, the child accidentally finds out that they feel pleasure during movements they perform to eliminate irritation.
Vulvovaginitis is a commonly encountered comorbid condition of diabetes, and is linked to poor glycaemic control.
Vaginoscopy allows inspection ofthe vaginal cavity, often prompted by abnormal clinical signs of bleeding or persistent vulvovaginitis, and is an excellent diagnostic complement to transabdominal ultrasound examination [1, 12].
Complication Elective group Hip fracture (10 hips; group (14 hips; 10 patients) 13 patients) Dislocation 1 1 Periprosthetic fracture 1 1 Periprosthetic infection 0 1 Cerebrovascular accident 0 1 Postoperative confusion 0 2 Urinary tract infection 0 9 Pneumonia 0 4 Vulvovaginitis 1 0 Pressure sores 1 2 Decompensation of 1 0 diabetes mellitus Total 5 21 Six patients (five in the hip fracture group) had two complications each.
The prevalence of abnormal genital findings, vulvovaginitis, enuresis and encopresis in children who present with allegation of sexual abuse.
En la etapa aguda se pueden encontrar dificultades para andar o sentarse, ropa interior rasgada, manchada o ensangrentada, escoriaciones, abrasiones y/o hematomas en pubis, cara interna de muslos y de rodillas, eritema, erosiones y/o petequias en region intraoral, hematomas por succion en cuello y/o mamas, hemorragia genital o rectal, vulvitis y vulvovaginitis (dolor, picazon, inflamacion y/o flujo), enfermedades de transmision sexual (ETS) no adquiridas por via perinatal, embarazo, disuria, defecacion dolorosa, dolor abdominal, prurito genital o anal, dilatacion himenal > 5-6 mm, rupturas de himen y dilatacion anal refleja >15 mm, entre otros (27).
This method was similar to the method performed by Nozari et al., who reported that AgNPs showed an antifungal effect against Candida species isolated from chronic candida vulvovaginitis. (30)