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surgical removal of part or all of the vulva

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Pelvic exenterations: Supralevator, infralevator, and with vulvectomy. Gynecol Oncol 1997;64:130-5.
In the present study, the main primary lesion surgical procedure was a conservative trend that found safe removal through an RLE with the aim to get a one to two cm tumor-free margin about 1-2 cm excised deeply at the level of the perineal membrane instead of a total vulvectomy [14, 15].
Surgical excision of the tumour usually involved vulvectomy in the first few years of the study and radical local excision thereafter.
In simple Vulvectomy (Figure 3), the skin, subcutaneous tissue, labia majora, labia minora, and clitoris were removed en bloc with the tumour, but it does not require an incision all the way to the perineal fascia like RV.
Bilateral superficial and deep inguinal lymph node resection (Figure 3) was performed, followed by radical vulvectomy with en-bloc excision of the anterior third of the vagina and distal urethra (Figure 4).
(5,9,10) The recommended surgical treatment is a simple or radical vulvectomy with or without lymph node dissection.
Igawa, "Deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap for vulvar reconstruction after radical vulvectomy: a less invasive and simple procedure utilizing an abdominal incision wound," Annals of Plastic Surgery, vol.
"I was three stages away from the getting a full vulvectomy when they removed the cancer and the area needs to be packed and unpacked daily, leaving an open wound.
This changed on the day I saw the before and after photographs of a woman who had undergone a cancer-related radical vulvectomy. I was at a women's health conference, attending a session about gynecological cancers.
(3) found melanosis of the vagina three years after a radical vulvectomy because of a malignant melanoma of the vulva.
Past medical history included vulvectomy for vulvar carcinoma, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in remission after cyclophosphamide, and a 40 pack per year history of tobacco use.
Fifty-seven (54.8%) patients underwent radical vulvectomy with bilateral inguinal lymphadenectomy and 47 (45.2%) radical vulvectomy only.
-A partial Vulvectomy removes the inner or outer labia or the labias from one side only; -A radical vulvectomy involves removing the whole of vulva and also the lymph nodes from either side of your groin, so that the cancer is less likely to return; -Radiotherapy -Check ups every 3 -6 months.
The effects of surgery include anatomical changes in external genitalia as occur with vulvectomy (Tamburini, 1986), shortening of the upper vagina as occurs with radical hysterectomy, and damage to pelvic nerves, including during pelvic sidewall dissection.
Male ritual circumcision involves various degrees of foreskin removal, while female circumcision ranges from clitoridectomy to vulvectomy to infibulation (known as Pharaonic circumcision--the most severe and mutilating form).