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It could also burn the delicate skin around the vagina (the vulva).
Two theories have been put forward to explain the cause of PT of the vulva. The first theory is the presence of ectopic breast tissue.
"I really want to encourage women to check themselves, to get to know their bodies: you check your breasts every month, check your vulva as well.
[6,7] EES of the vulva is a rare malignancy, with a limited number of cases which have been reported so far.
As estrogen continues to decline with age, vaginal mucosa, vulva and other structures of the urogenital tract change.
In the current case, the tumor mass protruded through the vulva, urinary retention and bleeding were the most striking clinical findings.
Causes of pneumovagina include tearing or stretching of the vulvar seal or the vulvovaginal sphincter and a sunken perineal body, characterized by cranial displacement of the anus, resulting in tipping of the vulva cranially over the brim of the pelvis.
"Even if I'm naked, I'm not provoking you"; "Holy vulva: deliver us from this patriarchal state"; and "Powerful vulva: give us safe abortions" read some of the placards carried by demonstrators.
Ladies/Sisters, put the kettle on, sit down with your knitted muffs and embroidered vulvas and have a natter to sort all this out.
That includes your pubic hair, the outside of your vulva and your groin--AND your butt crack, too, because well, yeah.
For example, the cafAaAaAeAa[c] wi feature vulva cupcakes -- or cleft pastries with pink cream in the groove.
Vulva carcinoma is a rare tumor demonstrated in only four percent of all gynecologic malignancies.
Invasive squamous cell carcinoma (ISCC) of the vulva is a rare disease and reflects 3-5% of all cancers of the female genital tract.