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h) A lump or swelling on the vulva or inside the vagina
Squamous cell carcinomas are the most common primary malignant tumours of the vulva.
Although no specific clinical features distinguish yolk sac tumor of the vulva from other labial neoplasms, review of the literature shows a tendency to a presentation in young adulthood (median age, 19 years) and a preference of the right labium.
Of course, the vulva can be seen as a triptych as well: open the side doors of the labia and the central panel is revealed.
Se tomo biopsia de las lesiones del abdomen y de la vulva para pruebas con hematoxicilina y eosina (H-E) y para cultivo, mientras la paciente era tratada con oxacilina con mejoria parcial.
Differentiated type is thought to be a precursor for HPV-negative keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva.
Oncologic surgery of the vulva and vagina results in extensive soft-tissue defects.
elegans worms published last year in the Journal of Cell Biology showed that invadopodia form on the uterus of the developing worm and push through to the neighboring vulva, connecting the two reproductive parts.
It is not unusual for a woman to avoid use of topical estrogen out of fear, or to use insufficient amounts only on the vulva, or to use it for only 1 or 2 weeks.
La vulva es palabra pantomima: los labios la pronuncian abriendose de la estrecha u a la complaciente a como se abren los labios de la vulva.
Most commonly lower eyelids are involved and few may occur in the scalp axillae abdomen forehead penile area and vulva.
Maker Tina Wong said that the app is a series of sections that consist of an information and instructional section, where the mascot, a "bouncy" cartoon Vulva, goes through anatomy and technique, and a gameplay level, where the objective is to make the mascot orgasm, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
Sections III-VII systematically treat anatomy and surgical technique in the abdominal wall, adnea, uterus, vulva & vagina, and pelvic floor.