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Synonyms for vulturous

living by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey

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But, at the same time, they would have assumed questions over Laudrup's future would have come from vulturous clubs rather than through his own concerns.
and find that high schoolers may not be the best equipped to face the vulturous music industry, while facing the problems of being teenagers in Quebec.
He thus starts feeling himself as a faulty, second-rate human being--and is somewhat treated like one--until things get worse when the waspish, vulpine and vulturous novelist bumps into him out of the blue and settles down in his flat, encroaching upon his freedom as well as teasing him into action.
So the Emperor is finally divested of his dazzling patriotic mantle, his vulturous greed for power and grandiose dynastic ambitions bared.
One vulturous company drove an 84-year-old man to attempt suicide over his crippling bills.