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Synonyms for vulturine

living by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey

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Possibly the most majestic looking bird in the world, save for their head, vulturine guinea fowl are a mixture of iridescent blues, purple, white and black with long thinly tapered hackle feathers forming a crown around their neck that cascades to their violet breast.
The vulturine guinea fowl we started out on is neither for the slow of foot, nor the faint of heart.
Elements come together, or perhaps gang up, in the summary conclusion: the birdlike vulturine headland, the rocky chasms and steeps, the fiery shine of the pharos or lighthouse by the sea, combine to provide a picture that might suggest--what?
But it was not to be, because of the resentment his success caused among Yankee fans, who rooted for Mantle to break the record, and because of the attacks on the quiet, sometimes aloof and sullen Mans by the vulturine New York press.
We did not see any game with exception of a few dikdik, tiny, graceful rabbit-sized antelope, some beautiful vulturine guinea fowl and yellow-necked francolins.