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resembling or characteristic of a fox


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The principal is a short man, bald, vulpine, paunchy, wearing a white robe that hangs off his waist like a tent.
This analysis suggests that in Putin's mind, appearances matter -- and he would rather operate undercover in Ukraine than with naked, vulpine aggression.
He was Alceste, the eloquent misanthrope, scourge of human folly and vanity; or Harpagon the petty, hard-hearted miser, keeper of coin, hypocrite and love's harshest enemy; or Argan the hypochondriac, medicine's valentine, the eternal invalid who would cough up tubercular bile out of a healthy lung; or Tartuffe, the imposter, liar, nimble diplomat, vulpine schemer.
Von Herling, Vampire Hunter is an original black-and-white graphic novel, featuring anthropomorphic canine, feline, and vulpine characters.
30 Fairyhouse 2m4f G1 RTE/ATR Card page 55 ONLY once in the 53-year history of this event - the longest-running jumps sponsorship in Irish racing - has the name Mullins appeared on the roll of honour and today two members of the family will attempt to emulate the legendary Paddy Mullins, who won the race with Vulpine in 1966.
Ireland's champion trainer, who saddled five winners at the Cheltenham Festival last week, has never won the Fairyhouse showpiece, a race his late father Paddy landed on four occasions - with Vulpine, Herring Gull, Dim Wit and Luska.
Songs about class warfare, wax babies, or dentally polished vulpine suitors have been deemed by many revival performers to be more cutting-edge than bucolic odes to the ploughman or naive pastoral love songs.
This series, the critters - sexy Afghan hound Destiny (Lucy Montgomery), cynical, people-hating pigeon Kali (Katy Brand), dim-witted street cat Marion (Daniel Tetsell), lactose-intolerant fox Nelson (Rufus Jones) and psychopathic fellow vulpine Vince (Paul Kaye) - encounter a host of special guest stars including Zoe Ball, Danny Dyer, Vanessa Feltz, Ainsley Harriott, Scott Mills, Richard O'Brien, Russell Tovey and Anthea Turner.
It is not unreasonable to set traps to keep foxes from entering hen houses even in the absence of evidence of prior vulpine intrusion or individualized suspicion that a particular fox has an appetite for chickens (Kennedy, 1989).
However, his antics enrage three grumpy farmers, who resolve to put an end to their vulpine neighbour's thieving ways.
These noisy vulpine couplings have been part of the soundscape at Rhug for quite a few weeks now.
But I have often sensed that others have the influence of the beasts upon them: the porcine, the bovine, the feline, the equine, the vulpine, the canine, even the ursine.
At the end of the 1940s, the epizootic of vulpine rabies spread from Poland into the rest of Europe (22).
He thus starts feeling himself as a faulty, second-rate human being--and is somewhat treated like one--until things get worse when the waspish, vulpine and vulturous novelist bumps into him out of the blue and settles down in his flat, encroaching upon his freedom as well as teasing him into action.
The poet says as much in "The Allegory of the Temp Agency," whose titular painting (one we can only hope Hoagland needed to invent) depicts a pack of vulpine, bloodthirsty corporate moguls chasing down their employees.