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Synonyms for vulnerable

open to attack and capture because of a lack of protection

Antonyms for vulnerable

susceptible to criticism or persuasion or temptation

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capable of being wounded or hurt

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The IGP also directed for police to ensure security for Chinese nationals working on development projects and for vulnerably areas.
The government should also look at the vulnerably section of society including jobless youth and students who can easily be cultivated by the terrorist groups for their subversive activities.
"It's a promotional tool where I share vulnerably about my experiences as a queer person, as a woman, an artist, a teacher."
On and off, for two years I was either sleeping rough or vulnerably housed.
On and off, for two years, I was either sleeping rough or vulnerably housed.
Likewise, Jack Swinburn of Coventry Cyrenians told us: "We at Coventry Cyrenians strongly approve of the initiative, especially in light of the despicable incidents involving attacks on homeless and vulnerably housed individuals in Coventry.
A painting depicting a woman sitting nude, vulnerably poised among blossoming sunflowers is just one piece in a new exhibition entitled Nude, looking to shed light on the vulnerability and gender inequality still experienced by many Cambodian women.
The majority of those vulnerably employed are women.
He said 'Pakistan is at the 7th number on the global scale as it has been vulnerably affected by climate change, it needs management and mobilization of water and production resources to counterfeit food insecurities and water scarcity.' He applauded the steps taken by the current government for the exposure of agriculture and for having clear plans to boost the sector as well as the economy of Pakistan.
He said, 'Pakistan needs the management and mobilization of water and production resources to counterfeit the food insecurities and water scarcity as it is at seventh on the global scale been vulnerably effected by climate change.'
That on one hand, and on the other hand, were stories about Roger Federer, the grand-slam record-holder, handling defeat honorably, though emotionally and vulnerably, and the nagging speculation that his career was already going downhill.
Street Paws provides free of charge veterinary care to pets owned by those without homes or vulnerably housed.
More than 20 members ofWarwickPole and Aerial Arts (WPAA) took part in this year's Poleathon forCoventryCyrenians, which provides practical help and support to homeless and vulnerably housed people across the city.
He would call late in the night while a bit drunk and speak so vulnerably.