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Synonyms for vulnerable

open to attack and capture because of a lack of protection

Antonyms for vulnerable

susceptible to criticism or persuasion or temptation

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capable of being wounded or hurt

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As April 10, there were about a whopping 220 million downloads of apps vulnerable to the bug.
Sam Douthwaite, Street Pastors Newcastle co-ordinator, added: "Any input which equips our teams to help safeguard vulnerable people is a welcome addition.
Energy companies assess this on a case-by-case basis but the definition they apply is: "A customer is vulnerable if for reasons of age, health, disability or severe financial insecurity, they are unable to safeguard their personal welfare or the personal welfare of other members of the household".
Statistics complied by Action for Children, the NSPCC and The Children's Society reveal that vulnerable families with children will be disproportionately affected by tax and benefit changes and significantly affected by other cuts in spending.
Calderdale Council has extended the contracts for The Women Centre Ltd, which provides support for vulnerable families affected by domestic violence, and Home Start, which works with vulnerable families.
Money is presently being wasted by agencies such as social services, health and police doubling up on work dealing with vulnerable families, says a report.
Professionals from across the Midlands are expected to attend The Law, the Elderly and the Vulnerable, run by Access Legal from Shoosmiths, at its office in Colmore Row.
We know that the level of independence that a very vulnerable person, for example someone with severe mental health problems, wants and can cope with, will vary and change throughout their life.
Jake is a great leading man to work with - he's wonderful to work with because he makes himself vulnerable," the Mirror quoted him as saying.
People living in poverty are more vulnerable because they often
The need for a more nuanced understanding of the interplay between social context and vulnerable populations in pandemic influenza response has emerged as a key preliminary finding from recent research undertaken by the Canadian Program of Research on Ethics in a Pandemic (CanPREP).
Public Law 109-95, the Assistance for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children in Developing Countries Act of 2005 (hereinafter, referred to as PL 109-95), was signed into law four years ago to respond to the global orphans and vulnerable children crisis.
In violence against women: vulnerable populations, Douglas A.
In order to make "at least some progress," it decided to support the Norwegian proposal for the closure of a smaller number of vulnerable areas.
This Act provides for special measures for child and other vulnerable witnesses in criminal, children's hearing and civil cases.
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