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in a smutty manner


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He carefully produced two large vulgus-books, and began diving into them, and picking out a line here, and an ending there (tags, as they were vulgarly called), till he had gotten all that he thought he could make fit.
And how vulgarly she shouted," he said to himself, remembering her shriek and the words--"scoundrel" and "mistress.
We're getting vulgarly hard up again, and there's an end on 't.
Next Sunday the Tribe of Abalone Eaters will descend upon you here in Bierce's Cove, and you will be able to see the rites, the writers and writeresses, down even to the Iron Man with the basilisk eyes, vulgarly known as the King of the Sacerdotal Lizards.
often alluded to in this book, and which is vulgarly called the
THAT evil influence which carried me first away from my father's house - which hurried me into the wild and indigested notion of raising my fortune, and that impressed those conceits so forcibly upon me as to make me deaf to all good advice, and to the entreaties and even the commands of my father - I say, the same influence, whatever it was, presented the most unfortunate of all enterprises to my view; and I went on board a vessel bound to the coast of Africa; or, as our sailors vulgarly called it, a voyage to Guinea.
He sank under a contagious disorder, very prevalent at that time, and vulgarly termed the jail fever.
In a pause of mastication and deglutition, Lady Tippins, contemplating Mortimer, recalls that it was at our dear Veneerings, and in the presence of a party who are surely all here, that he told them his story of the man from somewhere, which afterwards became so horribly interesting and vulgarly popular.
The ex-chart botherer from the group 5ive (no, I didn't just have a convulsion at my keyboard, that is how it's spelled) has decided to give up on the flash cars, big houses and vulgarly over-sized bling to live a frugal life of self-sufficiency in the Welsh countryside in the new BBC reality series Country Strife: Abz on the Farm.
He has shamelessly used these lies at public rallies, TV programs he attended and like a primitive tribal sorcerer, he has vulgarly danced on the honor and dignity of the innocent people he targeted with his lies.
50) There was a spate of dynamite explosions in London in the 1880s and the President explains that 'the dynamiters, vulgarly so-called, are playing into our hands.
Like other tyrannies, the tyranny of the majority is still vulgarly held in dread chiefly as operating through the acts of public authorities.
Young female agricultural labourers are invariably sexually exploited and vulgarly taunted by the land owners.
However, as counter-identifications with higher class standards of propriety, dancehall's vulgarly sexual displays are still tied to those other standards and thus are compromised in their libratory potential.
However, Christian spirit, which must move in ways that are not so vulgarly apparent, cannot appear with the same obviousness as matter.