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Synonyms for vulgarian

an unrefined, rude person

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a vulgar person (especially someone who makes a vulgar display of wealth)

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Evidently I'm willing to take my place amid a certain amount of vulgarity--thereby be a vulgarian myself--in order to play a game that I like.
Vulgarians at the Gate: Trash TV and Raunch Radio: Raising the Standards of Popular Culture.
A controversial group of climbers, most of the Vulgarians were college students from New York City.
rude "hocking" sound that vulgarians make as a prelude to
He's a screenwriter, but it's a bunch of unseen vulgarians who we hear floating awful ideas about how to make his next movie more ``compelling.
The script by Reginald Rose pitches vulgarians against the genteel and the sensitive: Twelve Angry Men was rather disdainful of a mass audience.
Bobos are thus avid consumers (a bourgeois trait), but want their consumption to remain inconspicuous, lest they betray themselves as rich vulgarians (a bohemian trait).
The leaders of media companies, national and local, big and small, often hunger for the prestige and cachet of being associated with the higher arts; they want to be seen as cultural figures in the country or their communities; they don't want to be looked upon as vulgarians.
It is called Vulgarians at the Gate--Trash TV and Raunch Radio: Raising the Standards of Popular Culture.
Then there is the new mode of conspicuous consumption: "Only vulgarians spend lavish amounts of money on luxuries.
Perhaps then we can rescue our public dialogue from the television vulgarians who pass themselves off as worthy of our time.
But whether it's vulgarians like Ainsley Harriott (who can't chop an onion without behaving like a backing singer for The Temptations), or effete, poncy types like Loyd Grossman (offering us nougatine of hake on a trio of lark's bowels and brains, trepanned and lobotomized, and served with medallions of barn owl on a warm sperm salad with thrice-poached Keta caviar surmounted on a bed of multicoloured glazed pigeon entrails), how often do you actually want to eat what they've cooked up?
He said: "Even hardened vulgarians like myself found her vocabulary too rich for their liking.
Forests are flattened in the name of progress, vulgarians are at the gate, hardly anyone feels easy about the future and, more than ever, better parties seem to be happening at someone else's house.
Noonan, a professional protocolist, believes that the post-Vatican II Catholic Church has succumbed to the siren-songs of the vulgarians.