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Synonyms for vulgarian

an unrefined, rude person

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a vulgar person (especially someone who makes a vulgar display of wealth)

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However, he is not just another vulgarian. He is more dangerous than foolish.
John Thorpe's unlovely appearance, choice of companions, unfilial attitudes, voyeuristic behavior, careless driving, passion for hunting and racing, heavy drinking, financial recklessness, and obvious greed prove him just such a vulgarian as the Prince of Wales.
FROM THE MOMENT WE MEET her, Tammy is a slovenly, morbidly obese vulgarian, from the top of her home-dye-job mop to the bottom of her omni-present Crocs.
''Jacqueline Kennedy accepted this offer, a move that was greeted with some astonishment by Seventh Avenue, where Cassini was not regarded as a designer of the first rank and something of a vulgarian as well,'' author Amanda Mackenzie Stuart wrote in a biography of Diana Vreeland.
With only a few screen credits to his name, Nelson makes a fairly unforgettable impression as the sometimes lovable, sometimes trying Mitch, the kind of vulgarian who likes to point out the phallic subtext of geysers and lighthouses, and who thinks nothing of doling out some unsolicited marriage advice to a honeymooning couple he meets in a hotel lobby.
Evidently I'm willing to take my place amid a certain amount of vulgarity--thereby be a vulgarian myself--in order to play a game that I like.
This is most apparent in Straus, a larger-than-life vulgarian who comes across like one of the unpleasant caricatures in an Edith Wharton novel.
(Remarkably, this movie was produced by the vulgarian Albert Zugsmith,
His barracks language and single-fingered salutes to his critics in the press box earned him the tide the "Exquisite Vulgarian," a name only slightly less endearing than "the Splendid Splinter," which was meant to be complimentary.
Education is regarded as an honorable, deep, respectable undertaking but when one embarks upon a career in business, one is a greedy, ambitious, selfish and money-grubbing vulgarian. This recalls the disdain extended toward the nuevo riche in earlier times when inherited wealth was clean since it didn't require work in this actual world, while wealth earned from practical know-how was deemed morally tainted.
Risk the crudeness of making a choice; no one is going to mistake you for a vulgarian."
Gillray leads the parade of vitriol and high praise--rambunctious and reverential in equal measure--and he is joined by the vulgarian William Dent, Charles Williams, Thomas Rowlandson and Isaac Cruikshank, all aiming their pens at London's most fashionable figures.
About a quarter of A la Recherche takes place on the Norman coast: mostly on the beaches where the hero, Marcel, falls under the spell of the young girls in blossom, with their sports-caps and their new-fangled bicycles; at the still existing Grand Hotel, where he ponders over the half-rustic, half-pretentious idioms of the lift-boy; and inside the local train, with his favourite Albertine on his visits to Mme Verdurin, the rich duplicitous domineering vulgarian leasee of a manor house from the marquis de Cambremer, who is physically and intellectually degenerate.
Coulter Column Has More Harsh Words For Elizabeth Edwards Can you (or anyone) explain why that appalling vulgarian has readers?
To the vulgarian Cherie Blair, who boasted that she and Tony often had sex five times a night when what she meant was five times a year.