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Synonyms for vulgarian

an unrefined, rude person

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a vulgar person (especially someone who makes a vulgar display of wealth)

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I also like that all the vulgarians are good players, and that I take no more pleasure in beating a vulgarian than I would in beating, say, Mother Teresa or Billy Graham.
Risk the crudeness of making a choice; no one is going to mistake you for a vulgarian.
More conservative editors have described Hearst's paper "as a chamber of horrors, a procuress, a brothel, a criminal, a moral disease, a rattlesnake, and a licentious vulgarian without example in the history of journalism," and Whyte takes some pains to explain the efforts that have been made over the years to measure sensationalism--a highly subjective concept.
Gillray leads the parade of vitriol and high praise--rambunctious and reverential in equal measure--and he is joined by the vulgarian William Dent, Charles Williams, Thomas Rowlandson and Isaac Cruikshank, all aiming their pens at London's most fashionable figures.
About a quarter of A la Recherche takes place on the Norman coast: mostly on the beaches where the hero, Marcel, falls under the spell of the young girls in blossom, with their sports-caps and their new-fangled bicycles; at the still existing Grand Hotel, where he ponders over the half-rustic, half-pretentious idioms of the lift-boy; and inside the local train, with his favourite Albertine on his visits to Mme Verdurin, the rich duplicitous domineering vulgarian leasee of a manor house from the marquis de Cambremer, who is physically and intellectually degenerate.
Coulter Column Has More Harsh Words For Elizabeth Edwards Can you (or anyone) explain why that appalling vulgarian has readers?
To the vulgarian Cherie Blair, who boasted that she and Tony often had sex five times a night when what she meant was five times a year.
It has now been embraced as a hallowed duty--the only morally progressive response to the anguished appeals of Clio herself, abused, aggrieved, and badly let down by Russian ineptitude, to help defend her European homeland against the advancing gender-neutral, jogging, blue-jeaned, foul-mouthed, T-shirted, and hip hopping vulgarian hordes.
There is plenty of humour provided by the slapstick duos of Sean Blowers and Jane Gurnett as Baron and Baroness Bomburst and Robert Taylor and Nigel Garton as the Vulgarian spies.
Brian Williams, by some orders of magnitude a greater intellectual vulgarian even than Mr.
Julian is a complete vulgarian, pathetic son of a bitch, cold, lethal, arrested development.
You name the political villain, human rights abuser or vulgarian funder of this or that and you will find their architectural handmaidens, ready to satisfy every whim on projects from the megalomaniac private house right up to entire cities, built by slave labour.
Many of these words were coined to describe the fantasticated foods served up by the vulgarian mega-rich host.