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the branch of geology that studies volcanoes

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The job of a vulcanologist is one of carefully measuring the ground and studying rocks, not racing billowing clouds of poisonous smoke and leaping rivulets of molten lava.
Dave Mcgarvie, vulcanologist at Britain's Open University, said any ash which reached Britain would be less than last year and added that experience gained since the 2010 eruption would lead to less disruption.
Authorities have begun moving about 50,000 people from their homes as vulcanologists predict a major eruption within days or weeks.
The seismologists and vulcanologists of that era were working in the dark in trying to link violent weather phenomena together.
The ancient volcanic eruption that made Santorini what it is today intrigues vulcanologists, for the only modern eruption on the same scale took place in 1814 at the island of Tambora in Indonesia.
Sadly, the history of prediction contains many failures, from those of stock market tipsters to those of vulcanologists seeking to predict eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis.
Vulcanologists raised Merapi's alert status to the highest level on Saturday after it began spewing burning ash and rock, and thousands of women, children and the elderly were immediately shuttled by bus and trucks to emergency shelters.
In the book Box's mission is to discover what is happening to the world's most eminent vulcanologists, who are apparently being killed off but are, in fact, being kidnapped.
Helens continued to simmer Thursday, but vulcanologists studying the mountain said that even if it erupts, its ash plume isn't likely to affect the southern Willamette Valley.
While vulcanologists were stammering with excitement on news programs about the "stromboli effect," which resembles a firework display at the crater and hadn't been seen in centuries, millions were staring anxiously at the television, noting how one side of the crater had started to erode with the eruptions.
Vulcanologists will enjoy a visit to the Volcano Observatory at Salem.
Programme makers also speak with vulcanologists who explore the workings of Mother Nature's most violent creations.
Using data from February and March, 1997, when a number of small earthquakes occurred, the scientists were able to see that a crack in the Earth's crust--what vulcanologists call a magma dike--filled with molten rock and expanded over a period of days, causing the Earth's surface to wrinkle up in different places and creating the earthquakes.
Note: Information about Lassen Volcanic National Park, historic still photographs and file footage of the Park today, tours of the Park, and interviews with park officials and vulcanologists may be obtained or arranged by calling:
There are, according to geologists and vulcanologists (people who study volcanoes and their effects), two kinds of lava.