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the branch of geology that studies volcanoes

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It took a while for the scientists to get used to us," says Joe Gerhardt, who with the other half of Semiconductor, Ruth Jarman, spent two and a half years documenting the work of vulcanologists in the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador.
It spewed rocks and ash," government vulcanologist Kristianto told AFP.
Dave Mcgarvie, vulcanologist at Britain's Open University, said any ash which reached Britain would be less than last year and added that experience gained since the 2010 eruption would lead to less disruption.
Vulcanologist Silvana Hidalgo said scientists are carefully monitoring the situation and have detected a small dip in activity.
Mayon Volcano, known for its near-perfect cone shape in the coconut-growing central Bicol region, has been spewing ash and burning mud and rocks since last Monday, chief vulcanologist Renato Solidum said.
A government vulcanologist warned that the eruption was only at the beginning stage and that an explosive eruption was possible.
Thomas' sons gained high offices: Major-General John Knox (1758-1800) was also Member of Parliament for Dungannon and later became Governor of Jamaica; two other sons, William Knox (1762-1831) and Edmund Knox (1773-1849), became bishops of Derry and Limerick respectively (Burke, 1849), William succeeding Frederick Hervey, Earl of Bristol (1730-1803), the noted amateur vulcanologist and builder of large houses.
The hot clouds that are happening now are still on a small scale and it is still possible larger ones will occur," said Ratdomopurbo, the region 's chief vulcanologist.
One of the eruptions sent a dark cloud of debris and ash almost 2 1/2 miles down the mountain's western flank, said Ratdomopurbo, the region's chief vulcanologist.
A vulcanologist is a scientist who studies volcanoes.
Volcanic tremors have been detected constantly since Saturday's eruption, with underground water boiling into steam and breaking or moving rocks, a vulcanologist at the meteorological agency said.
Subandriyo, chief vulcanologist in the area, said that after hours of rumbling and groaning, the volcano started to erupt just before dusk.
Pierce Brosnan stars as a vulcanologist who is called in to investigate some magma goings on in a small town in the Pacific northwest of America.
Desperate Housewives star Richard Burgi will play a firefighter who works with a vulcanologist (Juliet Aubrey) to save lives after a super volcano erupts in Yellowstone Park.
One vulcanologist advising the United Nations said the authorities had had no choice but to close their airspace because of the lack of hard facts about aircraft behaviour in volcanic ash.