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(used of rubber) treated by a chemical or physical process to improve its properties (hardness and strength and odor and elasticity)

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Therefore it is interesting to discover the effects of ultrasonic treatment on the properties of these dynamically vulcanized blends.
The vulcanized master collet, together with a face seal inside the chuck body, completely seals the MicroCentric chuck.
s NexPrene 1200 Series fully vulcanized EPDM/PP thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) have achieved USP Class VI Certificate of Compliance for medical product applications, while others comply with FDA regulations for use in products in non-fatty, non-oily food and potable water applications, the manufacturer announces.
The tire includes a tire component (preferably, a tire tread) formed of a vulcanized rubber composition.
Uniroyal was a pioneer in demonstrating that, while not possessing all the properties of vulcanized rubber, such a TPE had sufficient properties for many applications with the added advantage of easy molding of parts and remolding of scrap.
Dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer blends have been widely used in the plastics industry because of their advantages in processing; even with the presence of crosslinked elastomers, a thermoplastic nature can be obtained by the dynamic vulcanization.
Key statement: A vulcanized rubber composition assuring a well-balanced improvement of abrasion resistance, fuel efficiency and breaking resistance and a tire using a tread made of the vulcanized rubber composition are provided.
Hot materials vulcanized rubber mats antistatic and flame resistant steel cord;
They can be processed like thermoplastics but their properties are close to those of vulcanized elastomers.
Key statement: A method of devulcanizing vulcanized rubber is described.
Upper and lower protector of vulcanized rubber mixture to a thickness of 14 mm, length 3000 mm or a multiple of 3000 mm with quality "X" in accordance with DIN 22102 or equivalent - 18,000 kg.