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the roaring sound made by a motor that is running at high speed

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make a loud, roaring sound, as of a car engine, while moving

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Michael O'Driscoll, senior asset manager at Northumberland Estates, said: "Over the past 12 months we have invested in a number of initiatives as part of a strategy to establish Vroom as the number one destination for North East car buyers, with the potential for over 800 cars on site.
Even if Vroom was ready right away (it isn't), it'd take a while to propagate.
Vroom bundles resources needed to fully load pages.
Stephen Butterley, managing director at Motor Depot said: "Our fantastic new Vroom site will mean we are perfectly positioned to serve the North East market.
The VROOM's app can be downloaded for free at Apple's App Store and Google Play by searching PF VROOM.
Vroom says, "We must support their efforts to become more efficient and environmentally sustainable for generations to come.
Vroom joins the Dukes team directly from a senior role with a duo of South African properties, the luxury boutique Queen Victoria Hotel and Dock House Hotel in Cape Town, where he was resident manager for both locations.
Each facility is built from the ground up to recondition cars to Vroom Supremely Certified.
While most theories of motivation focus on what we desire, Vroom looked at the process we go through to decide--consciously, he asserted--whether to act.
For the past three years two of the most impressive 15 to 18-year-old racers have been given free places by the international karting magazine Vroom.
Then, vroom vroom, she's off for the weekend, guilt-free.
The whole idea is that you can take a head of lettuce--or even more convenient bag of lettuce--open it, dump it, open this and put it on top and you're done," David Vroom, senior vice president, new business development, at Plymouth, Wis.
In the kind of guide she wishes had been available when she began research into the relatively neglected study of post-Classical Aegean pottery, Vroom (archeology, U.
Providing portable, edible energy is the promise of Vroom Foods Inc.
The Vroom and Yetton (1973) leadership model is perhaps the best example of systematic research focusing on situational determinants of participative decision making (PDM) (Bass, 1990; Yukl, 1989a; Schweiger & Leana, 1986).