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Synonyms for voyeuristic

of or relating to voyeurs or voyeurism

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after detectives were given a disk containing the lewd and voyeuristic photos of women on the base on Nov.
I always love filming TV stuff as it's so voyeuristic.
This week's show, possibly the most voyeuristic in Horizon history, tackles the issue with the aid of eight volunteers.
A satellite technician's voyeuristic activities inadvertently lead him to witness the murder of a Navy commander involved in an important weapons project.
The models find themselves shacked up with Dickinson in a palatial Hollywood Hills mansion, complete with a creepily voyeuristic command center hidden in Dickinson's bedroom, from which she can monitor her proteges activities 24/7.
This voyeuristic new property site lets you search for value estimates on more than 26 million UK homes.
The fact that she is allowed to belittle family life in this way says much about the sick state of our voyeuristic society.
Stan is famously a devotee of of dogging - voyeuristic sex in a motor.
Jamie's footage of the pageant, shot with a handheld camera and then edited to incorporate historical depictions of Saint Joan, gives the segment a behind-the-scenes, almost voyeuristic feel as well as a sense of continuity with the past and an understanding of the ongoing fascination with her mythology.
But most of the photographs have a bit of a voyeuristic quality.
He also had some pronounced voyeuristic and exhibitionistic tendencies" (Kupelian, p.
Alistair Shrimpton, Six Apart's UK manager, has that the voyeuristic nature and tech-saviness of Britons indicate that the country is ready for blogging.
Each chapter switches character point of view effortlessly, giving the reader a voyeuristic journey.
interested and well-placed whites on their voyeuristic tours of Harlem nightspots" strongly suggested a Harlem Renaissance man in the making.