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Synonyms for voyage

Synonyms for voyage

a journey undertaken with a specific objective

Synonyms for voyage

an act of traveling by water

a journey to some distant place

travel on water propelled by wind or by other means

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But that changed when he joined the Polynesian Voyaging Society, where he helped build, and eventually sail, a traditional transoceanic canoe and learned how ancient wayfinders navigated the Pacific using only the stars and natural elements.
After rebuilding Hokule'a with his crew members and deepening his study of voyaging under his mentor Piailug, Thompson completed the voyage to Tahiti in 1980.
knotty and suggestive textual cruxes dealing with metaphors of voyaging,
purposeful voyaging and a more open-ended vision of the voyage which
Immediately prior to, as well as during the Victorian era there was a huge upsurge in scientific voyaging.