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Synonyms for voyage

Synonyms for voyage

a journey undertaken with a specific objective

Synonyms for voyage

an act of traveling by water

a journey to some distant place

travel on water propelled by wind or by other means

References in classic literature ?
And he, who had been hurled uninjured through the air by a miracle of fortune, had divined that white men in themselves were truly dynamite, compounded of the same mystery as the substance with which they shot the swift- darting schools of mullet, or blow up, in extremity, themselves and the ships on which they voyaged the sea from far places.
The next moment, in a flashing vision of multitudinous detail, he sighted the whole sea of life's nastiness that he had known and voyaged over and through, and he forgave her for not understanding the story.
So the sailors of Ulysses voyaged past the Sirens, having first stopped one another's ears with wool.
I could not quite gather whose gift to whom was the diamond ring; but it had evidently been paid for; and I voyaged to the moon, wondering when and how.