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a belief or sentiment shared by most people

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The registry Vox Populi has not yet published the market premium and registry premium lists.
Before they are available to buy publicly, Vox Populi has been offering them to celebs and companies for a fee of around PS1,300, far more than standard charges of less than PS15, leading to accusations of a "predatory" and "coercive" strategy.
Vox Populi (Tokyo), like the versions of the project that Tan has done for London, Sydney, and other locales, offers little to help viewers get their bearings; absent are wall texts, family trees, names.
El centro de estudios Vox Populi, uno de los mas importantes en la realizacion de sondeos en Brasil, senalaba en mayo que habia pocas probabilidades de que se repitiera lo sucedido en 2013.
CeCe n'est qu'un reflexe de chroniqueur inspire par la vox populi au matin de l'annonce du nom du joueur qui [beaucoup moins que]deborde[beaucoup plus grand que] de la liste des [beaucoup moins que]23[beaucoup plus grand que].
Through the interplay of the vox populi and its variants with prophetic and learned authorial poses, Gower enjoins readers to perform the self-accusal the poem likewise enacts.
Online voting has opened for the third annual Secretariat Vox Populi Award.
The extended vox populi shares many an interesting insights including the implication that all families and children suffer from acrophobia and general bouts of vertigo and should not then consider living in Burj Khalifa.
We welcome your suggested questions for upcoming editions of Vox Populi.
Vox Populi, Vox Dei was the cry of those who advocated democratic systems of government.
Events like Blogomania, Vox Populi, Model United Nations, and Quizzotica provide a platform for the hidden talent inside you.
The first paper 'Rankings in the eyes of the beholder: A vox populi approach to academic journal ranking' examines the contentious issue of journal ranking.
With her photographic installation entitled Vox Populi Switzerland, the artist Fiona Tan created an assemblage of images from Swiss family photo albums for the exhibition; the private photographs represent the personal history, as well as the family relationships and friendships that make us what we are today and will shape future generations.
The results contrast with a Vox Populi poll on Friday that showed Rousseff with a lead of 8 percentage points over Serra, according to Reuters.
Il Divo was formed in 2004 as a multinational operatic pop vocal group, with members - David Miller from the US, vox populi Sebastien Izambard from France, tenor Urs BE-hler from Switzerland, and baritone Carlos Marin from Spain.