vox humana

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an organ reed stop producing tones imitative of the human voice

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Vox Humana now is under the capable editorship of Prof.
What are vox humana and vox angelica, and where can they be found together?
Vox Humana Theatre Co present open-air production of Coriolanus adapted by Bertolt Brecht at the Royal Shakespeare Company's open air space The Dell at Theatre Gardens, Southern Lane, Stratford, at 6pm tomorrow and 3pm on Sunday.
From scintillating opener Vox Humana to the water-bound wonder of Another Man's Rain, this is Leven at his inspired best, proving there can be life beyond heroin.
They contained a number of groundbreaking comic classics including the Intro and the Outro (with its list of fictitious band performers including the Wild Man of Borneo on Vox Humana, the Count Basie Orchestra on triangle and Adolf Hitler on vibes) and the Canyons of Your Mind.