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the sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract

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Greater Memphis Chamber: 2 Best in Show Awards and 3 VOX Awards
Indeed the specification across the whole project will set this facility apart from anything else in the region - or further afield for that matter - including nine different high specification toilet bocks with a granite finish, an 18-screen media wall, an automated coat management system and a retractable bar and the largest vertical folding wall in the UK that will give the Vox the flexibility for a whole range of conferences and events.
We're pleased to partner with Vox Mobile to extend Wandera services to their enterprise customers worldwide," said Eldar Tuvey, CEO at Wandera.
VOX was last run through Generator's Urban Music Training programme in 2013 and has a track record of unearthing and developing great talent from the North East of England including Lulu James, Cape Cub and Eva Stone.
He says the new Vox Mall Of The Emirates cinema will be the largest cinema in the Middle East, with Imax laser projection system (the first in the Middle East, he says), a 4DX cinema and two Vox Kids cinemas.
The cinema boasts 14 screens, including four VOX GOLD screens, one VOX MAX big screen experience and one VOX Kids theatre for private parties and children's events.
VOX Cinemas is a key anchor in Abu Dhabi's Yas Mall developed by Aldar Properties.
A Vox Max, Vox Gold and even a cinema for kids -- a new concept in Abu Dhabi -- are part of the multiplex.
VOX Cinemas is being billed as 'Oman's largest cinema' with VOX MAX offering a 16.
Vox Cinemas, the cinema arm of Majid Al Futtaim, has opened its 10-screen cinema at City Centre Muscat today (June 2).
Summary: Forget the life-size, flat-screen video game experience, VOX Cinemas will do you one better.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-December 28, 2012-Pervasip to sell VoX App and calling plans at Fry's electronics stores(C)1995-2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The fring application with embedded VoX Vo3G calling is immediately available to order from the VoX website at http://www.
Vatican City -- At the end of July 2006, Cardinal George Pell of Sydney was in Rome for a series of meetings for the committee he heads, Vox Clara, which advises the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments on English translations.
The Euclid Chemical Company ant Eliokem have formed a joint marketing campaign to strengthen awareness of Euclid's long-standing commitment to green building initiative Collaboration between the two companies will focus on promoting Aqua-Cure Vox and Super Aqua-Cure Vox, two of Euclid's water-based, environmentally-friendly cure and seal products that are formulated with Eliokem's proprietary Pliotec resin.