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someone who makes a solemn promise to do something or behave in a certain way

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It is with this word that each vower states a condition; that is, actions that the Lord must perform.
The structure is: If You, Lord, will do X, then I, the vower, promise to do Y.
Opinions also differed over whether the new venture should generate its own power on site or buy from the provincial vower grid.
When the pet's owner Brooke Vowers went to the PetSmart at 19945 Katy Freeway on Thursday to pick up her dog, Leder reportedly approached her and said she had a video of the animal being abused by the groomer.
Yet even while they were weeping over the exploits of delicate Vowers like Oliver Twist and Tiny Tim, they still found time to stuff children up chimneys and down mines.
THEY fought so hard to hold back the tears but in the end it all became too much for Arnhem veterans Walter Allen and Reginald Vowers.
ARGON 17 fixer refix BARIUM 18 jetsam matjes BORON 16 heder, 17 fifes CAESIUM 16 quicky's (OED, possessive form of quicky) CARBON 17 freits refits resift rifest sifter strife CERIUM 10 embows ERBIUM 10 belows blowse bowels elbows GOLD 1 hemp, 8 lowt, 20 faix, 23 dali dial laid HAFNIUM 6 alongst HELIUM 6 Akrons (places called Akron, RHD), 10 vowers IRON 23 folk* LEAD 8 milt, 11 plow, 15 apts past pats spat stap taps NEON 13 arba* Arab (W3), 16 dude dued* OXYGEN 16 unowed RADON 5 swift SILVER 9 unbare unbear urbane, 13 verify SODIUM 16 tickey SULPHUR 23 primero* TERBIUM 10 blowsed TIN 11 tye yet, 17 zek XENON 1 poofy, 4 birrs, 13 kabar, 16 nuded* (OED) ZINC 5 hens nesh, 13 vamp, 18 frau