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According to the author, it happens for primary articulatory reasons, since, according to the cardinal vowels scheme claimed by Jones (1957), /i/ is the highest vowel of the vowel system.
However these investigations of DT focus exclusively on intercategory distance as the determiner of vowel system configuration in a universally defined acoustic vowel space.
Following a detailed comparison of tongue heights in X-ray tracings of vowel systems, it has been claimed that tongue height is hardly phonologically relevant for vowels (in Durand, 1990: 65).
The following sections describe the consonant system, phonological processes affecting consonants, the complex vowel system, and orthographic conventions.
By way of introduction he points out that most phonological differences between varieties concern the vowel systems and realisations.
In this regard, this study assumes that L2 vowel systems such as the Zimbabwean English one have strong L1 influence.
10) A discussion of the specific differences caused by coarticulation is beyond the scope of this article, but the knowledge that such variations exist serves to support the importance of teaching the vowel system of the target language in second language instruction programs.
Of course, this is only possible if the vowel system is also constructed on the principle of contrast.
The author does not make sufficiently clear that the OE three-height long vowel system developed into the ME system with four vowel heights.
As described previously, the Spanish vowel system is composed of the five monophthong phonemes /i/, /e/, /u/, /o/, and /a/.
The basic stressed vowel system with the most important variables presented as diachronic developments is given on page 37.
Then, the results from the four Brazilian speakers are compared so as to reach some understanding of how vowel variability and dispersion work in BP vowel system.
As Moulton states, "Tough the opposition 'long-short' is a striking phonetic feature of the German vowel system, it affects vowels only when they are stressed.
Haroon and Akhtar (2012) document the vowel system of Hindko.
The Kihnu vowel system is also characterized by the diphthongization of long vowels.