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a speech sound made with the vocal tract open

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Two weeks prior to collecting baseline data, the intervention specialist created a bank of unknown words for each student by administering a pre-assessment of CVC words containing each short vowel sound (a, e, i, o, and u).
The first three steps in Wilson provide instruction on short vowel sounds and use only a few whole-letter braille contractions.
It refers to the fact that Ergative Case is covertly marked in the context of the subject that ends with a vowel sound.
This indicated to researchers that they were learning the vowel sounds in utero.
As shown in Table 3, the Arabic participants did not establish such strong correspondences between vowel sounds and colours as the English speakers.
Pronunciation analysis was done using isolated words in which one vowel sound was observed in each of the words in the list.
In many African languages, syllables end in a vowel sound or allow only nasal consonants such n or m in the coda.
They maintain vowel reduction as in "truth" uttering it with short vowel sound.
However, for most ELLs, these two words appear to contain the same vowel sound.
Clicking on any of the 330 numbers on the chart caused a synthesized vowel sound to play.
Listener's expectations play a considerable role in the complex process of speech perception, for example, the first two or three formants in a vowel sound strongly affect the perception of the sound.
Soprano Patricia Rozario and bass Stephen Richardson are each able to take on challenging vocal requirements, including creating a vibrating effect with fast repetitions of the first vowel sound of the word "apple" while portraying Adam and Eve, and later in the work, Rozario floats several high Ds with little difficulty.
13) This dialect is not to be confused with the "Rless" dialect of the coastal area, which according to Fought involves--as the name implies--the dropping of the "r" before a consonant or pause, lengthening the preceding vowel sound (Fought is, perhaps, describing the replacing of the "r" with a schwa).
A schwa is "a diacritic marking silence instead of a vowel sound," according to Webster's, and the name is appropriate for Calvin Schwa, who is "functionally invisible"--nobody ever notices him, even when they're standing next to him.
Seven healthy subjects and seven patients with schizophrenia (DSM-IV) were asked to say the vowel sound "ah" into a microphone.