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a speech sound made with the vocal tract open

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The Norfolk dialect is also said to have no double vowel sounds so the word "tutor" is pronounced more like a car horn - "tooter".
The first three steps in Wilson provide instruction on short vowel sounds and use only a few whole-letter braille contractions.
This indicated to researchers that they were learning the vowel sounds in utero.
The phonetic symbol in Table 4 (b) corresponds to the vowel sound in Standard American English bed.
Open--Syllable with a long vowel sound ending in a single vowel letter (example: me; why)
Mei used the closest sound in her Chinese repertoire, one similar to the vowel sound in bet (p.
If the pitch, stress, and length are equal, for example, the vowel sound [a] as in barn is more sonorous than [i] as in bean.
13) This dialect is not to be confused with the "Rless" dialect of the coastal area, which according to Fought involves--as the name implies--the dropping of the "r" before a consonant or pause, lengthening the preceding vowel sound (Fought is, perhaps, describing the replacing of the "r" with a schwa).
You used to get a vowel sound ( Jack Charlton used it a lot ( which made `goat' and `home' sound like `gurt' and `hurm'.
A schwa is "a diacritic marking silence instead of a vowel sound," according to Webster's, and the name is appropriate for Calvin Schwa, who is "functionally invisible"--nobody ever notices him, even when they're standing next to him.
Seven healthy subjects and seven patients with schizophrenia (DSM-IV) were asked to say the vowel sound "ah" into a microphone.
The version I use calls for op in front of each vowel sound.
The author contrasts the Hebrew vowels with those of Arabic and asserts that vocalic length in Arabic "actually refer[s] to the duration for which the vowel sound is held," whereas this is untrue for BH (p.
If the underlying word is known from context, a vowel sound may be guessed with some degree of success.
The experimental teacher instructed students to carefully look at each vowel sound presented in the reading task and then provided a clear model for each vowel sound prior to students reading the list of words.