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Synonyms for vowel

characterized by, containing, or functioning as a vowel or vowels


Synonyms for vowel

a speech sound made with the vocal tract open

a letter of the alphabet standing for a spoken vowel

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has a high F1 frequency value and a middle range F2 value which makes it a central vowel.
a:] is open- central long vowel with mean duration 235 ms.
I expected to find more Italian vowels, what experts call the 'Old Italian' sound actually has the mark of foreign languages," Nagyvary said.
For the required comparison, Nagyvary asked Metropolitan Opera soprano Emily Pulley, a former College Station resident, to record her voice singing vowels in an operatic style.
If vowel clarity is lacking, enunciate [i] with a [j] tongue arch.
Vowel migration allows the singer to benefit from closed vowels.
Contemporary Brazilian Portuguese (BP), for its part, presents different vowel systems in the majority of its varieties according to the unstressed vowel position: if the vowel is before (pretonic) or after (posttonic) the stressed syllable.
pegar [to take], morar [to live]) and, despite the fact that, at the phonetic level, cases of pretonic mid vowel raising (3) are common in Brazilian varieties (e.
Furthermore, they claim that there is no significant difference in IF0 having compared front and back vowels of the same vowel height.
to compare with /a/ (the choice of /a/ is due to the absence of a low +ATR vowel in Igbo).
Petersburg), where vowel reduction is a pronounced widespread process represented at many stages.
Besides the advanced voice morphing algorithm and its unique, smartphone-like interface, what makes Voice Changer Software Diamond 8 stand out from the crowd is the combination of the Five Powerful Controls, including Voice Morpher, Equalizer, Vowel Enhancer, Sound Quality, and Voice Equalizer, that together help users take full control of any voice to produce the most convincing output.
Researchers were able to demonstrate that the articulation of vowels systematically influences our feelings and vice versa.
Vowel will further grow PMK-BNC's digital operations to offer clients solutions for reaching and impacting online audiences.
Only words with three or more pairs of vowels are considered.