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Synonyms for vow



Synonyms for vow

a declaration that one will or will not do a certain thing

to guarantee by a solemn promise

Synonyms for vow

a solemn pledge (to oneself or to another or to a deity) to do something or to behave in a certain manner

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dedicate to a deity by a vow

References in classic literature ?
The next night there happened a similar accident with a similar result; and then the next -- and then again the next; so that, in the end, the good monarch, having been unavoidably deprived of all opportunity to keep his vow during a period of no less than one thousand and one nights, either forgets it altogether by the expiration of this time, or gets himself absolved of it in the regular way, or (what is more probable) breaks it outright, as well as the head of his father confessor.
I take my vow, this is an ill day for thee and me, Little John.
Yea," said young Gamwell, "and I did so look up to thee, and thought thee so above all other men that, I make my vow, had I known who thou wert, I would never have dared to lift hand against thee this day.
I take my vow, I felt my stomach quake when I beheld thee pluck up yon green tree as thou didst.
returned his wife looking up into his flushed face, while a bright blush suffused her own sweet countenance; "you may receive my vows, but surely you can have no power to absolve me from their observance
A short silence succeeded her leaving them; but her brother soon returned to business and Lovers' Vows, and was eagerly looking over the play, with Mr.
The assortment includes six timeless bridesmaid dresses in an array of colors -- the styles which typically retail between $300 and $400 are available on Vow To Be Chic for $95.
Apparently, Katie personalised the vows to make it feel more real.
I realized that my Philly cheesesteak addiction was impacting the world in a harmful way, and this was a violation of my vow.
He said that there was a "huge amount of detail" in the agreement compared with the Vow V but added: "It's all here so I believe to that extent it has been met.
A HOSPITAL patient and his wife renewed their wedding vows at Gateshead's Queen Elizabeth hospital after 60 years together.
Yellow Brick Road declared that the group made offers to each of Vow s 24 shareholders to purchase 100 per cent of the aggregator.
It was the first time that the Vow of Nonviolence had been made in the presence of the archbishop or professed at St.
According to the study of 1200 Australians by InsuranceLine, couples also believe a vow to avoid flirting online should be a matrimonial promise alongside the more traditional "to love, honour and cherish.
This is why I don't like the comforting historical legend that Kol Nidre dates from the days after the expulsion from Spain, an apologetic account of the prayer which pegs its pathos to the secret Jews who were forced to vow things they'd of course regret.