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wedge-shaped stone building block used in constructing an arch or vault

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general services for participation in start-up and follow-up meetings, reporting and summary files, as well as on-site trips, - controls of the implementation of the works, - leveling checks of structures, - surface topographic controls of the main polygonal and the secondary polygonal, - controls of underground structures (tunnel, voussoirs, branches, station or well).
This included the huge stone copings on top of the bridge, the voussoirs - dressed stones that form the arches - and the remains of cast iron rope rollers which ensured boat tow ropes would not get snagged as they were pulled through.
Cette realisation, prouesse architecturale a l'epoque, etait constituee d'une partie centrale, abritee par une coupole hemispherique de 41 metres a la base, de 13 assises de 48 voussoirs prefabriques, et d'une calotte de 10 m de diametre formee de 24 voussoirs speciaux.
The report adds: "Other works involve tests to prepare of a full strategy for repairing damage to the capitals and voussoirs of the vault ribs, and deep cavitation's in the stonework, removal of elements such as salts and candle wax where necessary and finally analyse paint finishes and determine the composition of plaster/rendered finishes.
Thus, it became a veritable "mine" for the construction of the new architectonic complex, clear proof of which we find in the "refuse tip" containing spolia recovered a mere couple of years ago at the former army quarters of Saint Raphael (Torreras 2009; Fuertes, Rodero & Ariza, 2007), located halfway between both buildings and including several seamed voussoirs from the vault of the ambulacrum, as well as some pieces carved in grey micritic limestone with a very peculiar physiognomy, and perhaps formerly part of the enclosed seats of honour of the proedia (Murillo et al, 2010a, 262-284, fig.
Pour les transports, le groupe fournit des voussoirs dotes d'une puce (identification par frequence radio) detaillant les informations de tracabilite du produit et permettant d'enregistrer des parametres du contexte de mise en oeuvre (ex: frequence de passage des trams ou metros).
114--though here as elsewhere the actual epigraphy can-not be made out), "alternating voussoirs.
For example the early 11th century dome of Notre-Dame du Port, Clermont-Ferand, uses squinch arches to fit the dome to the square space, which may well have been learned from the Great Mosque in Cordoba and the arches at tribune level in the nave are horseshoe arches, and decorative tiles and coloured voussoirs on the apse reinforce the sense of Arabic influence.
The voussoirs consist of a distinctive zigzagging moulding--similar designs are found on the nearby Nestorian church--followed by a register of flower motifs and a row of what look like sprays of slender leaves.