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Synonyms for vouchsafe



Synonyms for vouchsafe

to let have as a favor, prerogative, or privilege

to descend to a level considered inappropriate to one's dignity

Words related to vouchsafe

grant in a condescending manner

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It's been a long wait, but I can vouchsafe the sincerity and integrity of many laypeople paralyzed by the micromanaging of orthodoxy and orthopraxy by bishops and priests.
Many LinkedIn users can vouchsafe for a time when they reached out to a power user and got a response.
Even when there is no peace, no fair war, no vouchsafe, the buzz is sticky, the hype is serious.
The key British priority in the Middle East was not to vouchsafe Jews a home but to exert control over the Suez Canal at a time when the canal was vital to British interests.
Everyone, here and outside, who have knowledge of the people-friendly government of the lively kingdom, can vouchsafe its true intention to work for the welfare of its people.
The move came after the trade ministry in early March banned all cotton exports from India in an effort to vouchsafe local supplies of the fiber, sending international prices sharply higher in the process.
For sure, no one can vouchsafe a wrongdoing even it it is not intended.
For most of the tests--which can influence such critics] decisions as whether to undergo prophylactic mastectomy or terminate a pregnancy--the only vouchsafe of accuracy comes from the laboratories that perform them.
The council really takes the bull by the horns and every yearthey open up a great range of places and puton some really interesting tours." I can vouchsafe about the way that St Helens Transport Museum gets involved.
In addition to requiring circulation executives to vouchsafe their numbers, Tribune put the circulation executive in New York -- Robert Brennan -- on a leave of absence.
"Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food.
"Saint Joseph -- Consort of Mary / accomplice of God / Chaperone the prayers of all / who disappear from history / Supporting cast in the / larger story of redemption / leaving no trace other than the faint / moisture of tears on some beloved's face / Vouchsafe the memory of such shadowed faces, / anonymous names, 'til their inscription in / the Lamb's Book of Life." (excerpted from an Advent poem by Ken Sehested, executive director of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America)
The plot, while credible, has moments of inconsistency, as is clear from the muddled chronology of the siege and from an episode that sticks out from the narrative as an obvious "implant." Anyone who lived through the siege of Budapest (24 December 1944 to 17 January 1945) can vouchsafe for the realism of much of the work: conditions in countless air-raid shelters all over the city were indeed faithfully re-created by the author, who himself did not experience the siege, having resided at the time in a village north of Budapest.
"Thou who hast worked supreme miracles in the past as recently as December, and who know that the grievous sound we hear is the wall between church and state come tumbling down, vouchsafe unto us enough vouchers to pay this month's gas bill until we, too, are delivered from this hell of bipartisanshit and are born again into that heavenly estate that will soon be untaxed."