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  • verb

Synonyms for vouch

to confirm formally as true, accurate, or genuine

Synonyms for vouch

give personal assurance

give surety or assume responsibility

summon (a vouchee) into court to warrant or defend a title

Related Words

give supporting evidence

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As Reisman constructs the family timeline against carefully limned settings, replete with Buffalo neighborhoods and four seasons of intense weather, each sibling's viewpoint vouches for the accuracy of the others', although it seems that this is the only aspect of life on which the siblings would agree.
We must keep exquisitely meticulous records of incoming goods and those shipped out, and we're checked up on by a certifying agency which really holds our feet to the fire," vouches Dennis Gilliam of Bob's Red Mill.
The bishops vouch for the faith dimension," he said, and the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) vouches for the pedagogical aspect.
If the auditor vouches all five receipts over $500,000 and selects the next seven largest receipts, which total $125,000, has he