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Synonyms for voucher

Synonyms for voucher

someone who vouches for another or for the correctness of a statement

a document that serves as evidence of some expenditure

a negotiable certificate that can be detached and redeemed as needed

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students entering kindergarten through fifth grade--the age group that makes up 68 percent of the voucher program's applicants saw negative impacts to both math and reading scores compared to their peers not in the voucher program, according to the study.
Terms and conditions: This voucher entitles you to a free pack of Milk chocolate coins (70g), subject to availability and while stocks last.
This voucher has no cash value, is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
30% OFF FRENCH BRIE 99p NORMAL PRICE NOW 69p Terms & conditions: Voucher valid from Thursday November 27 - Thursday December 4.
Exaggerated discounts Exaggerated discounts VOUCHER websites have come in for a lot of criticism in the past few years for exaggerating the size of discounts available.
If a customer redeems a stated-face-value voucher for products or services that are both taxable and nontaxable, the sales tax is computed only on the total amount of taxable products or services sold.
The voucher picture has been much the same in the District of Columbia, where several research organizations determined that voucher students from underperforming public schools or students with low scores did no better in math or reading after moving to private or parochial schools than a control group of public school students.
"We find that crime tends to be higher in neighborhoods with more voucher holders.
Code: Birmingham Mail Easter/ KAG-BM1 KIDS GO FREE This voucher entitles the bearer to one free child entry ticket when accompanied by a person paying full adult day rate Firstname.......................................................
pounds 5 OFF ANY PURCHASE VOUCHER Terms and Conditions: This voucher entitles the bearer to pounds 5 off any purchase in Smyths Toys Superstore, Capital shopping Park, Leckwith.
Jeb Bush has pushed for voucher programs even after the state Supreme Court in January discarded the nation's first statewide voucher program, saying it violated a constitutional prohibition on spending state money on private schools.
Administration costs increase to handle the allocation of the voucher funds, to cover the synthesis and distribution of voucher informational materials, and the policing of voucher schools.
A new scheme called the Unwanted Voucher Service has been launched to counter the problem.
..TEXT: This voucher entitles you to ten per cent off our full range of books, across art, design, photography, travel and interiors.
What's needed is a way to cut through this Gordian knot--with a voucher program that provides poor kids with real choice, has a demonstrated record of success and avoids the pitfalls that make liberals skeptical.